On the last day of winter, the Coliseum Arts Center and UNDP Moldova are organizing a pro-bono theatre performance in support of survivors of gender-based violence from the south of the country. All funds collected from tickets sales will be directed for the construction of a social facility that will offer shelter to women and their children.

The performance is called “Я умереть надежде не дам” (I Won’t Let Hope Die) and is based on the true stories of women who have experienced violence. The theatre play will be performed on February 28, starting 18:30, at the National Philharmonic Hall.

Actresses from the “Mihai Eminescu” National Theater, Chisinau, the Municipal Theater “Смешен петък”, Taraclia, and the National Gagauz Drama Theater “D. Tanasoglo,” Ceadir-Lunga are involved in the performance. Mihaela Strambeanu, Olga Gutu-Cucu, Natalia Ivanciuc, Elena Danaji, and Diana Karapenkova will stage the dramas of women suffering from physical, psychological, and economic violence.

The director of the play, Luminita Tacu, emphasized that she engaged in this campaign because she thinks that there is no room for violence in a society aspiring to be civilized. “I think theatre art can contribute to ending violence as it sends out a clear, accessible, and very emotional message,” the director said.

The project’s director, Mihai Fusu, considers that art can contribute to promoting non-violent behavior. “By this play we defend women’s dignity and the children’s rights to a healthy family, education and parental care. We want to show that being a man doesn’t mean being violent, but rather offering protection and care,” said Mihai Fusu.

The performance is part of a fundraising campaign started at the end of 2018 by UNDP Moldova and the regional authorities of ATU Gagauzia, who joined their efforts to create a social service for women suffering from violence. The center will offer shelter for women and their children until they find the optimal solution for their protection. Also, it will offer to women psychological, social, and legal assistance and will help them to find a job or to start a business. 

This initiative is part of the project “Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova: exploring and learning from local solutions,” implemented during 2018-2020 by UNDP Moldova with the support of the Republic of Korea.

The tickets for the pro-bono performance are on sale via iTicket, https://bit.ly/2RZDV8I, or at the sales office of the National Philharmonic.

For more information, please contact:  Natalia Porubin, Communications Consultant, UNDP Moldova, nataporubin@gmail.com, tel.: +373 79727205

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