Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova: exploring and learning from local solutions

Status: Active
Duration: 2018 – 2020
Budget: 515,000 USD
Coverage: Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: Survivors of gender-based violence, local public authorities, civil society
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: LPA, Specialized NGOs, professionals from the medical, social and justice sectors, women and men from Chirsova
Project Document: Addressing violence against women in the Republic of Moldova: exploring and learning from local solutions
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Project Summary:

Moldova adopted a series of documents to address the issue, such as the, that calls for investments in social, psychological, legal, educational and economic services for women and girls. However, despite political will, little capacities are in place at national and, especially, at local level, to address Gender Based Violence Against Women (VAW). The aim of the proposed pilot initiative is, on one side, to help localize the National Strategy on prevention and combating violence against women and domestic violence for 2018-2023, by designing, implementing and evaluating a Local Action Plan to address violence against women, in a selected multi-ethnic community (Chirsova village). On the other, by using the lessons learned and the results of the pilot, to equip decision-makers with enhanced policy recommendations, as well as partners, at local, national and international levels, with new knowledge, skills and tools to reduce GBV (gender-based violence).


  • Provide support in designing a municipal level VAW action plan for prevention and response aligned with the national policies in Moldova in a participatory manner;
  • Provide support in developing sectoral referral mechanisms including standard operating procedures (SOPs) for community police, local governments and local social service providers for cases of VAW, describing the roles of each and ensuring a coordinated and a joined-up approach;
  • Implement, evaluate and cost the respective referral mechanism and local action plan to support replication and scale up;
  • Strengthen the capacity of local key service delivery institutions to planning for the enforcement of service provision for VAW survivors: strengthening systems of service provision – health services, legal and psychological counselling;
  • Raise public awareness to support prevention and disclosure of GBV cases.

Expected results:

Component 1: A local adaptation of the National Strategy on prevention and combating violence against women and domestic violence for 2018-2023 is piloted in the community of Chirsova, Comrat district

  • Duty bearers trained and capacitated on national standards with regard to address Gender Based Violence Against Women, to elaborate and implement local VAW action plan;
  • Sectoral referral mechanisms including standard operating procedures is developed and implemented;
  • Both, the elaborated local plan and referral mechanism are evaluated implemented and costed;
  • At least 200 women from the pilot community have access to the created service and trained proffessionals;
  • Raised awareness among opinion and decision-makers and wider society about the GBV issue – with at least 3,000 persons covered by awareness-raising activities.
  • One functional social non-reintegration service providing assistance to victims of GBV;
  • At least 3 trained staff members and 3 professionals from local institutions providing services to victims of GBV.

Component 2: Advocacy for implementation of policies and laws on VAW in Moldova

  • State Legal Aid system to provide timely and quality legal support to the victims is strengthened.


  • Multi-Disciplinary Task Force on Counteracting Gender-based-violence with approved Job descriptions and Regulations, institutionalized;
  • Situational Analysis report, based on the results of sociological research, which contains proposals of the interventions and connections between SDGs and local targets, elaborated;
  • Chirsova Mayoralty has developed and implemented jointly with the community members and with the support of the project a Local Action Plan for combating gender-based violence;
  • The renovation of the first regional center for assisting survivors of gender-based violence in the ATU Gagauzian was finalized. Over 200 people donated US$ 3970 through a fundraising campaign to renovate the center.
  • An extensive communication campaign on the consequences of the violence was carried out in Chirsova village and in other localities in the ATU Gagauzia;
  • Within the Economic Component, 16 women and 4 men from Chirsova village participated in trainings on economic empowerment. Subsequently, most of them developed business plans and participated in a grant competition for opening their own businesses and creating new jobs.
Years Budget Delivery
Republic of Korea ATU Gagauzia
2018 64,111 USD   64,111 USD
2019 202,780 USD 85,000 USD 287,785 USD
2020 174,988 USD    
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