Private Sector Engagement for SDGs

Status: Active
Duration: 2018 – 2019
Budget: 150,000 USD
Coverage: Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: Start-up environment, entrepreneurs, vulnerable groups of people, Government, business associations
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: Private sector companies, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM)  

Project Summary:

The Project is an example of engaging private sector in terms of sharing of knowledge and funds aimed at achieving SDGs. The Project will test new and innovative models of cooperation in tackling key development challenges in order to bring benefits both to the entrepreneurs and the vulnerable groups.


  • Engage regularly in a dialogue with private sector to discuss and solve societal issues aligned to SDGs;
  • Create a National Crowdfunding Academy to assist private companies in accessing alternative funding sources;
  • Support the private sector in developing and launching new products and services aligned to SDGs.

Expected results:

  • Alignment of business CSR and business strategies to SDGs;
  • Develop crowdfunding campaigns with the private sector for the launch of new products and services aligned to SDGs;
  • Assist the private sector with expertise of local and international consultants during the process of business processes alignment to SDGs;
  • Joint development of new products, services and innovative solutions tackling key development challenges.
Year Budget
Regional Impact Investment Facility of the UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub
2018 150,000 USD

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