She was planning to work as a psychologist in Odessa; now she is counseling fellow refugees in Moldova

"I am Irina. I am 23, and I’ve sought refuge in Moldova. Here I counsel others who have left Ukraine because of the war."  

Palanca, the first destination of refuge from war at Moldova’s border

Since the onset of the war in Ukraine, Palanca, located 60-km from the Port of Odessa, has been the first stop and resting point for tens of thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine. Those who reach the…  

A modern soil testing laboratory will operate in Ungheni

“Organic fertilizers are a lifesaver for degraded and chemically polluted soils, as they remediate and restore the humus layer, increase resistance to draught, improve the quality of harvest,…  

Legal aid in Soroca for refugees from Ukraine

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 400 refugees have received legal aid and psycho-social support from DACIA Youth Resource Center in Soroca.  

Two vine-growers transformed their traditional vineyards into profitable business

It was a big hustle and bustle in Vadim Balan’s sunbathed vineyard from Mălăiești village, at the end of February. The harvest to be collected in autumn depends a lot on the viticultural works carried…  

In Moldova, a small village opens its doors to all refugees from Ukraine

In the centre of Moldova, Cărpineni village, 8000 habitants, mobilized right after the war started in Ukraine, to provide support to incoming refugees regardless of their age or ethnicity.  

In Palanca village, refugees from Ukraine are warmly welcomed

Palanca, one of the busiest crossing points of the Ukrainian border with the Republic of Moldova, has become since 24 February 2022 a first point of contact with refugees from the neighboring country.…  

Four generations of women from the same family from Odessa have found shelter in Gagauzia, Moldova

Four generations of women refugees from the same family from Odessa, Ukraine, have found shelter at the Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Domestic Violence, established in Gagauzia region in…  

Cristina Gaibu, volunteer firefighter from Sărăteni: “There are no differences between men and women when a human life must be saved”

Cristina Gaibu, 34, is the director of the cultural center from Sărăteni village, Leova district, mother of three, and, since this year, a volunteer firefighter, as she proudly introduces herself.  

From designing clothes for dolls to professional fashion designer

How it feels like pursuing a childhood dream can only be understood by the ones who experienced it. This is the case of Victoria Cucos, who turned her passion for designing and sewing clothes for…  

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