Văleni – a holiday village

Welcome to Eco Village Văleni – a touristic complex consisting of an agro guest house, a few rustic houses, which are still under construction, a restaurant and a traditional rural courtyard. All are…  

The pandemic will pass, but its effects will last

The people in Scoreni, Strășeni district, are affected by the pandemic crisis, which exacerbated the financial and psychological pressure.  

UNDP Moldova pledges for the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants, that do not deplete the ozone layer

Gases used in manufacturing sprays, refrigeration equipment, foam extinguishers as well as pesticides destroy the ozone layer. The negative effect is caused by the atoms of carbon, chlorine and…  

Could he have saved more lives?

“At the end of each working day, I think whether I did everything right, if I did the right thing, if another person could have been saved, and what I should do in my next shift,” says Ion Ciobanu,…  

Flakes bloom even in times of crisis

While some businesses are sinking because of the coronavirus crisis, others have adapted and used this difficult period to reinvent and develop. This was also the case of Angela Sobol from Varvareuca…  

United for health and for the vulnerable people, despite the distance

35 hometown associations, partners of the UNDP-Switzerland “Migration and Local Development” Project mobilised USD 30,000 and offered essential support to local communities.  

Science of beekeeping, mastered by a woman from Sipka village

During one of her trips to Italy, impressed with the descendants of a family owing a business for several generations, Natalia Porhun from Sipka village, left bank of Nistru river, decided to change…  

Toymaker shifts production to visors to help frontline workers fight COVID-19 in Moldova

When Igor Hincu founded a company making toys eight years ago, he had no idea he’d be saving lives with his production.  

In Moldova, a Roma woman’s inclusive outlook beats discrimination

Angela Radita’s first encounter with discrimination was sudden and stinging. An avid student who stayed up late to read by candlelight before she had electricity, she had finished college and applied…  

The light at the end of the autism spectrum: “I always tell my son that he has a beautiful mind”

She found out about autism when her son, Matei, turned two years old. The knowledge about this spectrum of disorders was limited just to what she has seen in the movies: children who do not talk at…  

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