Contracted militaries can also enjoy fourteen-day paternity leave

Alexandru became father for the first time in May inst. and enjoyed the 14 days of paternity leave right after his son’s birth: “I was present at the delivery; it was a special experience. Right from…  

“Police bike patrolling brings us closer to people and lets our city breathe”

On bicycles, police officers are closer to the community.  

People from Vadul-Rascov brought back to life their traditional costumes

Three stars of luck and a tree of life — the symbol of eternal youth and life without death. This is how the traditional “ia” (shirt) looks like, sewn and worn by women from the Vadul-Rascov village,…  

A family from Causeni modernized sheep cheese-making manufacturing

A family gave up their city life with all its facilities and moved to the countryside, where they started a business in sheep-breeding.  

Judicial expertise from Moldova, accredited by ISO

Moldovan judicial experts “read” the crime scene evidence and contribute to the delivery of justice.  

Fight for dignity when in pain

“Losing someone you love is traumatic. But when someone you love dies in pain, something dies in you.”  

Moldovan snails — Western delicacies

The story of the snail farm in Peresecina begins on the day when the farm owner, Vilen Cebotari, received a present from France — a plate of frozen snails. He tried them and it struck him — if this…  

The woman who dreams of buying homes for all survivors of domestic violence

If Angela had one million dollars, she would buy homes for women who are locked in a life with violent men. The idea came to her after she escaped a horrible marriage. The first woman she would help…  

Collaboration between police and civil society = prompt support offered to survivors of domestic violence

Ana came in a hurry to the police station nr. 3 from Buiucani district of Chisinau Municipality. Threatened and disoriented she came to ask for help in the first hours of the morning.  

Allowances for parents with children, 8 clicks away

Last year at this time, Renata Puiu was preparing her documents to go out on maternity leave. Like any future parent, Renata was also interested in the procedure to get the birth allowance. She…  

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