Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova

Status: Active
Duration: 2016 – 2020
Budget: 4,300,000 USD
Coverage: National
Beneficiaries: Parliament of Moldova, Gagauz People’s Assembly and civil society
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: Parliament of Moldova
Project Document: Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova
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Project Summary:

The project works with the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova to strengthen its law-making, oversight and representation functions with a specific focus on EU integration and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The project directly assists Standing Committees and the Secretariat of the Parliament in the implementation of their mandate. Project interventions include capacity development, technical assistance, easy-to-read publications, exchanges and opportunities for learning from other parliaments. Activities offer and encourage equal opportunities for male and female participation and gender is mainstreamed throughout the project. Through this support, Parliament has improved its capacity to strengthen the legal framework and successfully engage in oversight through multi-stakeholder action involving civil society, professional associations and the general public. Since 2016, the SPGM project has also been supporting the capacity development of the Gagauz People’s Assembly.


  • Enhance the capacity of the Parliament to timely review draft laws and their compliance with international treaties and EU legislation;
  • Strengthen the cooperation between the Parliament and Government to ensure a transparent, participatory and gender-sensitive law-making process;
  • Enhance capacities of the Standing Committees to effectively oversee implementation of laws and policies;
  • Support the Secretariat to align its organizational structure, internal procedures and work practice with the needs of the legislature;
  • Strengthen the role of thematic cross-party groups (Women Platform, GOPAC Chapter and others) to oversee implementation of the gender and anti-corruption legislation;
  • Enhance the capacity of the Secretariat of the Gagauz People’s Assembly to assist committees in the review of legislation;
  • Support the Secretariat of the Parliament in the operationalization of the information management system e-Parliament, enhancing the institutional transparency to meet information demands of the civil society, media and citizens.

Expected results:

  • Parliament reviews more effectively legislative proposals as well as the annual budget;
  • Parliament oversees more effectively the implementation of policy and legislation with a particular focus on commitments related to the SDGs and the EU integration agenda;
  • Parliament engages more effectively with CSOs, media and citizens on reform agenda;
  • Parliament of Moldova has improved legislative and accountability frameworks and functions in effective, inclusive and transparent manner;
  • Parliament effectively promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and non-discrimination, with particular attention to marginalized and vulnerable groups.


  • The capacities of the staff supporting the work of the Parliament’s Council for European Integration strengthened through trainings on the compliance with EU legislation and by offering the system of indicators for tracking progress on the implementation of legal reforms, as part of the European integration process;
  • Two parliamentary Progress Reports on the Parliament’s Role in the process of EU Integration developed and the first report submitted to the European Parliament;
  • The oversight function of the Parliament strengthened by the elaboration and application of the Methodology on Ex-Post Impact Assessment of legislation and of the Standard Operating Procedures for parliamentary oversight, whilst staffers’ skills enhanced to conduct post legislative scrutiny;
  • The Gender Equality Action Plan for 2017 - 2021 that aims at achieving a more gender-sensitive and responsive Parliament was approved by the Permanent Bureau;
  • Parliament’s Anti-corruption Action Plan for 2016 - 2018 was approved by the Permanent Bureau, and Parliament joined the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) by establishing the Moldova Chapter. The Membership doubled from 9 members in 2016 to 18 in 2017;
  • A Handbook for the newly elected MPs, and infographics describing key functions of the Parliament and of the MPs elaborated and offered to the Parliament after 2019 elections;
  • Parliament’s Communication Strategy and the Action Plan for 2016–2019 elaborated and approved by the Permanent Bureau, and the Standard operating procedures for the Communication and Public Relations Department, a social media policy, guidelines on outreach with citizens, and a new Parliament’s brand book offered;
  • Video graphics on the Parliament’s role and functions translated in the sign language and available on the Parliament outreach channels;
  • 4-year Parliament Action Plan on Civic Education developed in a participatory manner, and the implementation on-going through various civic education activities;
  • A Functional and Institutional Analysis of the Gagauz People’s Assembly was carried out, the first ever Strategic Development Plan, setting priorities for the institutional reform of the Assembly, elaborated, and the analysis of the business processes of the Secretariat conducted, offering recommendations for the institutional reform;
  • Gagauz People’s Assembly’s members and staffers have enhanced skills in legislative drafting techniques and Results Based Management, and can efficiently use in the daily work the Microsoft Office applications;
  • Internship programme at the Parliament of Moldova for Gagauz People’s Assembly staff was organised, ensuring peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge related to the legislative process, parliamentary documentation, public outreach and the organisation of plenary sessions.
Years Budget Delivery
Government of Sweden
2016 507,341 USD 448,533.41 USD
2017 972,647 USD 931,622 USD
2018 888,786 USD 709,064 USD
2019 1,131,171 USD 838,822.73 USD
2020 372,590 USD  
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