Innovative business development for local sustainable economic growth

Status: Closed
Duration: 2014 – 2017
Budget: 1,713,078 USD
Coverage: All regions of the Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: Registered SMEs capable to demonstrate capacity to implement and scale-up innovations; Graduates of business incubators with same capacities; Potential entrepreneurs with innovative ideas capable to match the provided financial support as per the conditions of the prospective national/local competitions. Young people from Republic of Moldova
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and its subordinated agencies, Organization of Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, National Institute for Economic Research, local academia and Moldovan industrial parks
Project Document: Innovative business development for local sustainable economic growth
Final Report:
See more information about the project on the transparency portal.

Project Summary:

The Project aims at spurring innovations in small and mid-sized business start-ups and business development process for the generation of sustainable jobs at local level and strengthening of the LPAs capacities to manage autonomously such processes. At the same time, the project is going to pilot and stimulate innovative entrepreneurial activity in rural and most remote areas of Moldova and provide financial support for innovative start-ups and business development.


  • Build expertise and knowledge for mainstreaming innovations into business development processes and selective cases of new business start-up;
  • Facilitate innovative business development for existing businesses through matching/competitive small grants scheme, aligned to the UNDP Innovation Challenge Policy;
  • Consolidation of youth skills to access the labor market, as well as the elaboration of policy recommendations in the field of occupational integration of young people.

Expected results:

Enhanced expertise and knowledge in SMEs to mainstream innovations into the business development processes.


  • electronic platform launched ad functional;
  • 22 specific training sessions were conducted and more than 450 Moldovan SMEs, from various economic sectors, took active part and learned new tactics, tools and strategies to innovate;
  • 86 innovation awards were granted to private sector companies, through the MICS (Moldova Innovation Challenge Scheme) modality, including 2 social entrepreneurship projects, 5 awards for technological innovation in fresh fruits sector, 3 collabortive projects and 76 individual innovative projects;
  • The Business Innovation Lab started its operation, with the 1st initiative ‘Coolege Vitamine/Make apples cool’ Campaign gathering interested stakeholders around a joint challenge: to increase fresh fruits consumption in kids in public schools and kindergartens throughout the country;
  • The first National Experimental Observatory centered on youth skills was launched, being focused on supporting youth employability and the testing of sustainable solutions aimed to increase the degree of workforce occupancy and self-employment.
Years   Budget Delivery
Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs UNDP Orange Romanian Government UNDP RBEC Catalytic Facility funded by the Government of Turkey 
2014 53,546 USD         41,709 USD
2015 882,748 USD   16,509 USD     768,043 USD
2016 425,676  USD 40,000 USD   57,630 USD 3,132  USD 562,799 USD
2017 154,618 USD 50,000 USD   42,370 USD 83,268 USD 324,501 USD
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