EU4Moldova: Focal Regions

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2019 – 2025
Budget: 25,888,889 USD (22,911,111 USD managed by UNDP)
Coverage: Municipalities of Ungheni and Cahul and neighbouring communities
Beneficiaries: Citizens and communities from Ungheni and Cahul regions, Local Public Authorities, local civil society organizations
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: EU Delegation to Moldova, UNICEF, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, the State Chancellery, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, central and local governmental authorities from the Ungheni and Cahul focal regions, civil society groups and organizations, private sector and business associations, Agency for Public Services, Agency for Electronic Governance, Regional Development Agencies for South and Center, Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova, The Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, citizens
Project Document: EU4Moldova: Focal Regions
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Project Summary:

The EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme will focus on strengthening the economic, territorial and social cohesion in the Republic of Moldova through facilitating inclusive, sustainable and integrated local socio-economic growth and improving the standards of living of the citizens in two focal regions: Ungheni and Cahul. The programme will support the two regions targeting necessary improvements in three areas: at the level of government – to improve the necessary services and the needed infrastructure, at the level of private sector – to stimulate private investment, improve the economy and create employment opportunities for the men and women; at the population level – to strengthen citizens participation in democratic governance processes and strengthen their capacities to demand their rights.


  • To strengthen transparency, accountability of local public authorities and citizen participation in local governance processes in the focal regions;
  • To improve citizens’ access to quality public services and utilities in the focal regions;
  • To create employment opportunities for men and women in the focal regions and improve the attractiveness of the focal regions for investors and entrepreneurs;
  • To promote the smart specialization of the economy of the focal regions through the development of the clustering and value chain approach in key economic sectors.

Expected results:

  • Increased institutional capacity of LPAs for the implementation of locally-driven environmentally compliant socio-economic development strategy for integrated local growth and development;
  • Improved broader stakeholder (e.g. CSO, private sector) engagement in the planning and monitoring of the socio-economic development strategy;
  • Increased quality and availability of public services delivery, including in particular those targeting women; and increased performance of local public utilities;
  • More favorable conditions for the attraction of investments, job creation and women and men’s entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship;
  • Development and functioning of clusters in line with the smart specialization approach.
Years Budget Delivery
European Union UNDP
2019 31,555 USD
10,000 USD 33,884 USD
2020 3,546,759 USD 100,000 USD  
2021-2024 18,777,642 USD 445,556 USD  
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