ESCO Moldova

Status: Closed
Duration: 2014 - 2018
Budget: 1,450,000 USD
Coverage: Chisinau
Beneficiaries: Public institutions and residential buildings
Focus Area: Climate Change, Environment & Energy
Partners: Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure; Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment; Chisinau City Hall; Energy Efficiency Fund; Energy Efficiency Agency; Ministry of Finance, banking sector, private sector
Project Document:
Final Report: ESCO Moldova - Final Report

Project Summary:

“ESCO Moldova - Transforming the market for Urban Energy Efficiency in Moldova by introducing Energy Service Companies” project objective is to create a functioning, sustainable and effective ESCO market in Moldova by converting existing energy service provider companies into ESCO companies, as the basis for scaling up mitigation efforts in the whole municipal building sector in Moldova, leading to CO2 emission reductions by implementing energy performance contracts.

The project will work on the largely untapped energy efficiency market in the municipal sector, especially in facilities owned and operated by municipalities, in the Chisinau area for the first stage and then to other parts of Moldova.


  • Support to adopt the Green Urban Development Plan by city of Chisinau;
  • Develop the ESCO Business model in Moldova;
  • Develop and make available a financial mechanism and support to ESCOs;
  • Replicate EPC projects in other municipalities;
  • Raise awareness and disseminate information about energy efficiency and ESCO.

Expected results:

  • A functional ESCO market with a functional LGF developed;
  • ESCO companies are created and consolidated;
  • The creation of new investments in energy efficiency measures that will lead to long term energy consumption savings is implemented;
  • 20 energy efficiency projects are implemented;
  • Better conditions in public and residential buildings are created;
  • Chisinau sustainable green development is advanced;
  • People are informed about ESCO benefits and urban energy efficiency.


  • Awareness about the ESCO mechanism increased;
  • A number of 10 potential companies to provide ESCO services identified and trained;
  • A financing mechanism ready to finance ESCO projects established;
  • 20 buildings screened and preselected for project implementation;
  • 10 investment grade audits performed and cases prepared for public procurement procedures;
  • A template of Energy Performance Contract prepared, presented and endorsed with the major stakeholders.
Years Budget Delivery
GEF (Global Environment Facility) UNDP
2014 5,514 USD 4,979 USD 10,493 USD
2015 1,023,017 USD 71,109 USD 1,094,126 USD
2016 120,694 USD 13,993 USD 134,687 USD
2017 17,870 USD
24,804 USD
42,674 USD
2018 132,905 USD 35,115 USD 56,873.37 USD

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