Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector in the Republic of Moldova

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2021 – 2023 
Budget: US$350,000
Coverage: Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: Government, civil society, research community and private sector, development partners, UN agencies
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: Government, civil society, research community and private sector, development partners, UN agencies
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Project Summary:

With “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector Project”, UNDP Moldova aims to improve access to quality of public services and business conditions through accelerated digital transformation of government processes and business model(s) and promote innovation, as well as collaborative experimentation within the Government, in the private sector, internally in UNDP Moldova, and in collaboration with external partners.

UNDP Moldova, through this project and MiLab, is strategically positioned as an integrator of programmatic solutions with innovative mindset, including bringing forward digital components in supporting accelerated delivery of the SDGs.


  • Support transformative changes in the organizational and innovation culture in the public and private sectors and align all participants for the accelerated achievement of the Sustainable Development Agenda and national targets; 
  • Contribute towards streamlining innovation through engaging with the ongoing and prospective projects and seeking ways to maximize and to measure their social impact;
  • Support the digitalization of Moldova that will contribute to improved governance by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government processes, increasing transparency and public access to governmental information – and therefore promoting accountability and public participation, and improving an innovative delivery of public services. as well as impact evaluation and strategic support to scaling-up of the successful solutions.

Expected results:

  • Shift in the mindset at the level of main stakeholders as measured by the degree of engagement of partners in various undertakings achieved and methods used for public policy development and evaluation overtaken;
  • Establish and enhance a functional dialogue between the Government, private sector and civil society around digital transformation;
  • Accelerating the digitalization in public sector through adoption and adaptation of new digital solutions that effectively respond to the current (emerging) needs of end-users;
  • Enhance the innovation generation processes from the private sector for the for the public sector;
  • Promote identification of the digital solutions through a competitive process that will help private sector companies to work together with the Government and population to offer and adapt the existing solutions to the needs of end-users, and making them gender sensitive;
  • Private sector companies are co-funding the testing of the new digital solutions;
  • Digital solutions contribute in a measurable way towards increased participation and inclusion of most vulnerable, women and girls in particular;
  • Tested solutions are taken over by partners and successfully scaled up nationally;
  • Digital literacy, supported by innovation and data-driven culture in central and local Governments, is implemented; digital literacy is gender-responsive;
  • Digital technologies that are user-centered and gender-responsive are implemented in a coherent manner in central and local Governments and across sectors;
  • Portfolio of partners diversified, and resource mobilization targets achieved;
  • Portfolio of co-designed digital solutions implemented and impact on SDGs evaluated;
  • Innovative digital solutions co-designed and tested with internal UNDP portfolio/programs;
  • Internal knowledge management and innovation platform created.
2021 $250,000
2022 $100,000
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