Construction of the Jointly Operated Border Crossing Point Palanca on the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Status: Closed
Duration: 2015 – 2018
Budget: 7,145,739 USD
Coverage: Republic of Moldova, Stefan Voda district, Palanca
Beneficiaries: Individuals and companies that will cross the state border point
Focus Area: Effective Governance
Partners: Customs Service, Border Police, Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Moldova, State Fiscal Service and State Border Guards Service of Ukraine
Project Document:
Final Report: Construction of the Jointly Operated Border Crossing Point Palanca on the territory of the Republic of Moldova - Final Report
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Project Summary:

The overall objective of the project is to create from the ground a jointly operated by the Moldovan and Ukrainian border and customs services border crossing point at Palanca, on the territory of Moldova. The new crossing point will be built respecting all EU standards and principles on border control administration, ensuring improved conditions for safe and transparent business and trade, movement of people and goods across the border. The project will also contribute to a wider objective, namely “safer and more open borders” between Ukraine and Moldova. The expected long-term impact is to contribute to the facilitation of trade and migration flows between two countries.


  • Acceleration of traffic flow due to simplified border crossing procedures, unification of joint activities and avoiding duplication of functions;
  • Enhancing cooperation among the two countries’ agencies responsible for the border control, such as Border Guard and Customs Agencies, applying one-stop-shop principle;
  • Establishment of a more rapid and secure exchange of information on persons, vehicles and goods, as well as other issues related to border control procedures;
  • Corruption risk reduction;
  • Reaching a higher level of efficiency and transparency of border guard and customs control through commonly accepted standard operational procedures;
  • Improvement of combating cross border crime by the enhanced level of cooperation and possibility to solve these issues on the sport, immediately involving all relevant agencies;
  • Reduction of operational costs due to the abolishment of the BCPs Mayaki and Udobne on the territory of Ukraine.

Expected results:

  • Jointly operated border crossing point built and fully functional in Palanca;
  • Border management improved: better mutual control and exchange of information and data between Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova;
  • Reducing corruption cases, fighting cross-border organized crime and illegal trafficking of goods and people;
  • EU principles on excluding duplication of functions applied;
  • One-stop-shop and single window concept implemented;
  • Cross border traffic accelerated;
  • Modern engineering equipment, control equipment and infrastructure for the crossing point provided;
  • Border procedures simplified and optimized.


  • Technical design of the JOBCP Palanca finalized;
  • Construction phase started since May 2017;
  • Additional funds of 630,000 EUR mobilized for the construction of the access road from the territory of Palanca JOBCP towards the highway Odessa – Reni;
  • Facilities are finalized, the joint operation of the partner services started.
Years Budget Delivery
European Union Government of the Republic of Moldova
2015 258,999 USD   258,999 USD
2016 114,142 USD   114,142 USD
2017 662,580 USD 366,126 USD 1,028,706 USD
2018 4,179,018 USD 1,564,874 USD 5,357,451 USD
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