Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (V)

Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2019 – 2021
Budget: 10,694,000 USD
Coverage: Both banks of the Nistru River, Republic of Moldova
Beneficiaries: People living on both banks of the Nistru River
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: The Bureau for Reintegration, local authorities, business associations, Chambers of Commerce, community-based organizations, statistics specialists, international, national and local non-governmental organizations active on both banks
Project Document: Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme (V)
Other Document: Projects carried out in the framework of Support To Confidence Building Measures Programme
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Project Summary:

The Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme aims to increase trust between people on both sides of the Nistru River by supporting joint activities in four core areas: 1) EU support to economic development and entrepreneurship, 2) EU assistance for community development and cross-river civil society organizations’s sectoral platforms, 3) EU cultural and historical heritage support, 4) EU support to cooperative media local content development.


  • To contribute to the economic and social development of both banks by ensuring equal access to opportunities provided by the Association Agreement and its Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area for both banks of the Nistru River;
  • To tackle the growing disparity between both banks (the Transnistrian region and the rest of the country) by supporting local development and CSOs;
  • To continue supporting the sectoral rapprochement in pilot sectors (i.e. culture and others) and to progressively include Transnistria in Moldova-wide development initiatives to limit the development gap between both banks;
  • To support the activities of media from both banks of Nistru River through common media production.

Expected results:

  • Improve living conditions on both banks of the Nistru River by increasing economic opportunities and creating jobs;
  • Develop communities through the increase of capacities of NGOs and LPAs;
  • Strengthen thematic platforms created in the previous stage of the program for the cooperation of NGOs on both sides aiming to reduce disparities;
  • Support culture as a pilot sector to develop and build trust;
  • Improve capacities of media institutions on both sides to produce together attractive, qualitative and professional content for the social economic development of both banks.


  • Aiming at provision of support for business sector development and enhancing cooperation among both Nistru banks, four cross-river business platforms were identified and supported through grant allocation (Trade Chambers, Fruit Growers, Essential Oil Producers and Honey Producers). They unite local businesses which participate in joint activities and seminars to improve their employees’ skills. 45 left bank tourist industry workers improved their capacities through 2 one-week seminars conducted by right bank experts;
  • Under Community empowerment component, 10 civil society organizations have been identified and supported to implement activities that will further enhance local level cross-river collaboration in sports, health, innovation, business and culture fields. Among these activities, one Musical Festival was conducted in Bender Fortress and 8 Youth Orchestra concerts were conducted at Tirnauca, Carmanovo, Ribnita, Ofatinti, Dubasari (2), Rascov and Camenca. Overall, 12,000 people are expected to benefit from small grants programme. Five cross river thematic platforms formed in previous CBM programme’s stage – Education, Sport, Health, Culture and Ecology – continue provision of representation, advocacy and networking support to stakeholders across the river;
  • 11 community infrastructure projects comprising 14 infrastructure sites were selected through a public call and are currently under implementation. Over 70 000 women and men will benefit of improved services as result of social infrastructure projects (including renovation of 4 sport grounds, 2 culture houses, 4 kindergartens and schools; 1 community center, 1 park, 1 street illumination and 1 waste management system improvement);
  • In the area of renovation of historical-cultural heritage the Programme includes of two flagship projects: Bender Fortress and Chisinau Circus. During 2019 complex tendering processes were conducted, preceded by a thorough preparatory work, which resulted in the finalization of detailed technical expertise and technical design of conservation works for Bender Fortress and detailed technical design for the Chisinau Circus. Based on the findings, in both flagship projects - Bender Fortress and Chisinau Circus – conservation and restauration works will be launched by mid-2020. in Urgent works were conducted at the Bender fortress to ensure the visitors safety and prevent damages caused by excessive vegetation;
  • Local Media Needs assessment was conducted to identify areas of intervention to implement media component aiming to create a favorable environment to establish cooperation between creators of audio-visual content from both banks. An open-end call for proposals to support media outlets and production houses was announced and applications are reviewed on monthly basis.
Years Budget Delivery
European Union
2019 2,290,383  USD 2,290,383 USD
2020 4,958,741 USD  
2021 3,444,847 USD  
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