Migration and Local Development (phase 2)

Status: Active
Duration: 2019 – 2022
Budget: 6,400,000 USD
Coverage: Nationwide
Beneficiaries: National and local public authorities, migrants, community members including women, children, elderly, persons with disabilities and minorities from 35 villages and towns from North, Centre, South and Gagauzia; as well migrants, including returnees accessing services provided by 35 territorial employment offices, throughout the country
Focus Area: Inclusive Growth
Partners: State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, IOM, CALM, Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, National Employment Agency; Congress of Local Authorities
Project Document:
See more information about the project on the transparency portal.

Project Summary:

The “Migration and Local Development” Project responds to the need to effectively address migration issues, along with creating conditions for a business enabling environment, job creation and infrastructure development. These are also listed as main Government priorities for the next four years. In line with these priorities, the proposed initiative aims to further support the country’s development processes also capitalizing on best practices and lessons learnt in this field. The “Migration and Local Development” Project has the overall objective to maximize the impact of migration on socio-economic development through an enhanced institutional framework and involved Diaspora.


  • Potential, current and returned migrants in the Republic of Moldova benefit from complex employment support services. To that end, national and local authorities will be fully equipped to respond to the needs of all categories of migrants at every phase of migration (pre-, post-migration);
  • Community members including the migrants are significantly involved in local development processes. Hereby, activities are focused on close cooperation with public authorities, other local actors and migrants for efficient implementation of local development initiatives that refer to the enhancement of local services and provision of income generating opportunities at local level.

Expected results:

  • National policy, coordination, regulation and institutional framework in the area of labor migration is updated for more efficient management of labor migration;
  • Employment service providers have the necessary skills, knowledge, attitude and training to provide quality services to migrant workers; 
  • All local actors involved (local public administrations, hometown associations) have necessary skills, knowledge and instruments to implement local development initiatives looking to contribute to local development and to provide income generating opportunities at local level;
  • The experience of migrants’ engagement in the development of 35 communities is well documented and harnessed for an easy replication.
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
2015 1,351,985 USD
2016 1,996,621 USD
2017 1,847,702 USD
2018 1,203,692 USD
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