Mereni park

This year, 27 communities from the Republic of Moldova will engage diaspora in their initiatives of local economic development and improvement of local public services. This partnership is possible due to the support provided by UNDP Moldova and the Government of Switzerland in the framework of the ”Incubator” and ”Accelerator 1+1” grant programmes dedicated to hometown associations, as well as of the ”DAR 1+3” (“Diaspora succeeds at home”)  governmental programme.

15 recently or soon-to-be established hometown associations will receive grants of up to US$1,000 in the framework of the “Incubator” programme.

Five hometown associations, with proven experience in implementing local projects, are beneficiaries of “Accelerator 1+1” programme. They will receive a grant of up to $10,000, on the basis of 1+1 formula (the value of the grant provided by UNDP and Switzerland will be matched with contributions collected by the diaspora, both online and offline).

Seven hometown associations, selected as beneficiaries of the “DAR 1+3” governmental programme, will receive UNDP/Swiss support via co-funding of the local development projects

The overall budget of the 27 projects amounts to over $393,000, of which over $100,000 represent the UNDP/Swiss support, offered in the framework of the “Migration and local development” project.

“The local economic development objectives can be reached, and the efficiency of public services can be increased only by engaging both local stakeholders and the diaspora. We are confident that people want to engage, and hometown associations can foster and channel this energy into tangible results,” says Zinaida Adam, Programme Officer at UNDP Moldova.

In 2020, 27 hometown associations were supported via the “Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” grant programmes, and other 12 associations as part of the “DAR 1+3” programme. UNDP and Switzerland offered over $160,400 on the top of over $123,900 collected from the diaspora and local community, and over $193,200 allocated by the local public authorities. As a result, over 207,000 Moldovan citizens now enjoy better services, such as public illumination, water and sanitation, roads, recreational facilities, etc.

“Thanks to the engagement of the diaspora and the obtained grants, we now enjoy a park that can compete on equal terms with those from the capital city. In 2020, we managed to build the roof over the open-air stage, expand the playground for children and renovate public areas,” says Lidia Beglita, chairperson of ”Vatra-Mereni” Hometown Association that received a grant in 2020.

For additional information, please contact: Tatiana Solonari, communications specialist, Migration and Local Development Project, UNDP Moldova, tel: 0693 77 215, 022-820-840

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