UNDP continues to support the e-learning platform studii.md to create functionalities that streamline the increasingly demanding job of school managers and teachers and at the same time, reduce the pressure felt by pupils and their parents during the pandemic.

Hence, a new functionality was developed in April 2021, school statistics, which allow the school principals to collect and analyze all data just with a few clicks. Data can be sorted, filtered, and displayed for a definite period. School statistics include the following pages: class statistics, teachers' statistics, pupils' statistics, parents' statistics. The page with class statistics contains indicators related to pupils’ performance and attendance, so as homework submitted. The data is available for the entire school or each class in part. Also, performance can be compared across classes.

Another functionality that was created with the UNDP support is checking/grading homework and providing feedback. Teachers have now access to the lists of all pupils who have submitted their homework for the respective subject. Also, sent images can be opened and verified: it is possible to highlight the errors, zoom in or out the image, rotate, select a segment, add text in the image and send back the corrections. Besides the editing options, the teachers may leave comments on checked homework and even attach other files: for instance, a file with rules or teaching materials which the pupils should study.

Moreover, the subjects’ pages have a new block where pupils and parents may discuss with the teacher. It keeps the history of actions with sent homework: date and time when the file was sent, comments or observations of the teacher. Pupils can open immediately the edited file, add something and send it back. At the same time, it is possible to attach other files.

Studii.md was created in 2019 by Simpals with the support of the UNDP and Tekwill. The platform offers solutions for pressing distance learning-related challenges: online management of courses and lessons by protecting data confidentiality, timetable of lessons and homework, teachers’ feedback and progress assessment, attendance and periodic automatically generated reports, all stored in the same space. In total, 126 schools are connected to the platform at this moment.

In 2021, UNDP launched a project to facilitate an efficient education process by implementing the e-learning approach in Gagauzia region, ensuring the presence of basic ICT connection and infrastructure and enhancing the learning content and teaching methodology. All schools in the region are connected to studii.md and will benefit from the new functionalities of the platform.

Contact person for mass media: Laura Bohantova, Communications Analyst, UNDP Moldova, tel. +373 685 11 883, E-mail: laura.bohantova@undp.org

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