Three guest houses, a recreation area, a fruit dryer, and a dairy workshop with tasting room are set up in Sipoteni for tourists eager to explore the Moldovan forests.

All these are possible with the support of the UNDP and the Government of Switzerland, which provided a grant of US$60,000, but also with the additional contribution of local authorities, the hometown association and private beneficiaries, amounting to $144,000.

"The picturesque places of Sipoteni are worth being explored. We have achieved these results in the last two years thanks to the unprecedented mobilization of private companies and the hometown association. Hence, the locality has changed its economic development perspective from agriculture to a tourism-oriented community. Sipoteni now has the highest recreational capacity in the area,” says Vasile Rață, mayor of the village.

New accommodation and leisure facilities: the agro-pension “Povestea Codrului” (Forest Tale), with four accommodation rooms; the touristic complex “La Morari” (with 14 gazebos, two pools and a restaurant); the guest house with leisure area “La Tănăsache” (with accommodation rooms, a pool, gazebo, and a well), and the recreational area “La Sălcii” (At the willows/ with a tasting room for tourists) have been set up.

The UNDP and Switzerland also supported the launching of a dairy workshop and a fruit dryer. The products will be sold to locals and tourists.

Sipoteni is the heart of one of the four eco-tourist routes from the region, “Codrii Sipoteniului”, created by the National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM), with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

All these locations are situated in the most picturesque places of a natural beech forest protected by the state, with two beech species included in the Moldova’s Red List of Threatened Species.

For additional information please contact Tatiana Solonari, Communication Specialist, UNDP Moldova Project "Migration and Local Development",, tel: 069 377 215, 022 820 840

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