14 entrepreneurs from Cahul region received grants of €15,000 - €30,000 each, assistance provided by the European Union for private sector development for the second call of grants launched by the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme, implemented by UNDP and UNICEF. At the same time, 2 non-governmental organizations received grant certificates of €20,000 each and another three public associations received support of €1620 each.

"Today’s grants awarding ceremony shows once again that the European Union provides tangible support for the economic recovery, which benefits the people from the Republic of Moldova. The assistance provided in the context of the EU4Moldova- Focal region programme is accompanied by mentoring and training activities, which ultimately will boost job creation and grow local businesses in Cahul and Ungheni. This will increase the attractiveness of the EU focal regions for further investments," said Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova during the grant certificates award ceremony for entrepreneurs and NGOs.

Seven existing companies and seven start-ups from Cahul region will benefit from financial assistance which will be used to purchase equipment, goods, works and services to grow the respective businesses, to create new jobs and to increase the region's attractiveness for new investments. Also, the grant programme envisages mentoring and training activities to stimulate the entrepreneurial culture of the focal region.

"I am impressed by the large number of companies eager to develop or launch new businesses in Cahul region, despite the multitude of challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic. We are excited to support and motivate the entrepreneurial spirit of women and men from Cahul who are investing their efforts in growing the local economy, creating new jobs, and attracting investment in the region, along with NGOs ready to address challenges and enhance access to public services so that no one is left behind,” said Andrea Cuzyova, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative to the Republic of Moldova.

The beneficiaries of the second edition of the business grants programme cover various fields of activity: agriculture, tourism, pastry making, tailoring, construction materials, etc. Overall, supported businesses will create more than 100 new permanent and seasonal jobs in Cahul region.

"Supporting young entrepreneurs alongside with civil society organizations, means not just investing in the real sector of the economy, but foremost represents investment in the young generation, young families, children and investment in the future of our community. Many thanks to the EU and the EU4Cahul program for their support and for making it possible to implement these projects, which until now for most beneficiaries were perhaps just dreams," said Nicolae Dandiș, mayor of Cahul.

Piotr Mihov from Burlacu village, Cahul district, cultivates six varieties of table grapes and manages 1855 ha of agricultural land, of which only 3.8 ha is drip irrigated. The grant of €29,500, so as his own contribution, will be invested in the purchase of a drip irrigation system for a surface of 30 ha of vines.

"Thanks to EU funding, we will solve some essential problems for our company, which is to reduce the dependence of table grapes sector on climate factor, and to increase the productivity of the vineyards. This intervention will bring new jobs, the possibility to increase the salaries of our employees and an increased competitiveness of our product on the international market," says Piotr Mihov, director of LTD Terra-Vitis.

Civic initiatives supported by the EU will help local communities from Cahul region to solve several issues they face.

Agnesa Grecova is since 2019 the president of the public association "Luceafărul Sudic", an organization from Cahul municipality that assists vulnerable people. This year, the NGO obtained a grant of €19,995, which will contribute to the development of social services for people from vulnerable groups.

"This grant will certainly be of great help for disadvantaged people from rural areas, especially young mothers, divorced women or victims of domestic violence, including people with disabilities. Thanks to this support, they will have the opportunity to learn traditional crafts that will give them the opportunity to start their own mini-businesses in the future," noted Agnesa Grecova.

The 14 winners of the second call of grants for business launched in May 2021 by the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme were selected through a competition of 106 applications received from Cahul and Ungheni regions.

The total value of grants for the business sector from Cahul and Ungheni regions that will be offered during 2020-2024 in the framework of the EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme is about €1.7 million. The NGO sector will benefit from financial and technical support amounting to approx. €90 thousand.

EU4Moldova: Focal Regions Programme (2019-2024) supports smart, green, inclusive and sustainable development in Cahul and Ungheni, to ensure better life quality for citizens. The Programme has a total budget of €23 million and is financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The list of companies from the Cahul region receiving grants can be accessed here.

The list of NGOs from the Cahul region receiving grants can be accessed here.

The list of NGOs from the Cahul region that will benefit from technical/financial assistance can be accessed here.

For additional information, please contact: Alexandru Pelivan, Program Manager EU4Moldova: Focal Regions, Tel: +373 68522557, alexandru.pelivan@undp.org

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