Today, 13 August, a flash-mob to promote integrity was organised in Chisinau by a group of young anti-corruption volunteers. The event, entitled "Ambassadors of change, ambassadors of integrity", was held on the International Youth Day.

The young volunteers gathered at the Public Garden "Stefan cel Mare si Sfint" carrying banners with the messages: "Be honest in thoughts, actions and way of life!", "An honest person is a free person!"; "Do you want to live in a world of upright people? Start with Yourself!”, “Being honest is trendy!”, "Correctness, honesty and responsibility are the pillars on which an integral society stands!", "Choose to be honest!", "A better future is a present without corruption!", "Zero corruption - 100% development!", "Break the corruption chain”, “Success cannot be bought!”.

Volunteers handed out leaflets and discussed the consequences of corruption with passers-by and encouraged them to report illegalities.

"You cannot fight corruption on your own, you need to team up with people sharing same principles, to fight corruption together. It is important for each one of us to be honest in his/her thoughts, actions, but also in the way of living," said Dorina Ciobanu, one of the participants at the flashmob.

Another anti-corruption volunteer, Valensia Racoviță, mentioned: "No matter how tempting ignoring the law might seem, respect for ourselves and the respect of others can only be gained when maintaining our honesty and integrity."

"We are aware that young people are the ones who have the energy and power to strengthen the culture of integrity and promote an intolerant attitude towards the phenomenon of corruption. This mobilization will contribute to the education of a responsible, fair and prosperous society," mentioned Lidia Chireoglo, head of the General Directorate for Corruption Prevention at the National Anticorruption Centre.

Olga Crivoliubic, project manager at UNDP Moldova, said: "This year, the motto of Youth Day is «Young people - Ambassadors of Change». We are confident that young people can indeed bring out beneficial changes to society, by displaying a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption and thus becoming ambassadors of integrity. It is for this reason that we have supported this initiative of young anti-corruption volunteers."

The event was organized within the project "Curbing corruption by building sustainable integrity in the Republic of Moldova ", implemented by UNDP in partnership with the National Anticorruption Centre, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.

The anti-corruption volunteers’ group was set up in April 2019 and includes dozens of young men and women from various educational institutions in the country.

Media contact: Olga Crivoliubic, project manager, (+373) 69741805,

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