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UNDP Moldova is launching Digital Transformation: Innovation Challenge Awards to encourage Moldovan IT vibrant private sector to generate innovative solutions for the digitalization of administrative and social services. The competition is organized in partnership with the Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development (ODIMM), Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), Moldova IT Park and Green City Lab.

This competition, which represents a premiere for the country, aims to provide support to and engage with private sector companies in accelerated achievement of the nationalized Sustainable Development Goals. Thanks to direct and matching cash, so as mentoring, innovative products, services, or solutions will be tested and scaled up. All these will contribute to the acceleration of digital transformation in public and private sectors in the Republic of Moldova.

Single awards will cover maximum $40,000 or maximum 50% of the total project amount (what is lower) for pre-commercial innovation pilots, be it new or improved products, services, processes, or business solutions. In case of collaborative groups of companies, such contributions will be equally divided between the companies involved or depending on the specific requirements of the respective proposal.

The total number of financed projects will be within the available budget of $100,000 for the current competition.

Eligible applicants for the Digital Transformation: Innovation Challenge Awards are:

  • The main applicants are legal private sector entities from ICT sector, registered (or in process to be registered) under the applicable Moldovan Entrepreneurship Law;
  • Moldovan privately owned IT companies, registered and operating in Moldova, established at least two years before the date of applying;
  • Start-ups and groups of initiative in the process to register the IT company under Moldovan legislation (registration shall take place before contract signature).

The awarding will be conducted through an open selection procedure in two stages (pre-application and full Application). The selection process is designed according to the principles of merit, transparency, equality, and rational use of funds, by launching at least two calls, one each year.

The deadline is 20 June, 12:00 for the pre-application, and 25 July, 12:00, for the full application. More details are available here.

The Digital Transformation: Innovation Challenge Awards aims to improve access to and quality of public services and business conditions through accelerated digital transformation of government processes and business model(s).

UNDP is leading this competition, in the framework of its “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector in the Republic of Moldova” project.

The Digital IMPACT: Innovation Challenge Awards is administered jointly by UNDP, ODIMM, ATIC, Moldova IT Park and Green City Lab. The multiple-partner engagement with the current competition aims to ensure a wider reach-out to the potential applicants, prompt and specialized support to the beneficiaries during the project implementation phases, but also ensure national synergy and consistency in supporting the digitization agenda of the country.

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