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Teachers, boys and girls studying in 47 schools in ATU Gagauzia, as well as their parents, will benefit from better education as a result of a pilot project aimed at improving the quality of online learning. The pilot is financed and implemented by the UNDP and the Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia.

The budget of the project is US$200,000 and will be implemented by 2022.

“We are extremely appreciative for the partnership with the Executive Committee ATU Gagauzia and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and for their dedication to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on education and the pressure felt by teachers, parents and pupils. UNDP is delighted to contribute with its know-how, outreach and capacities for better learning environment in UTA Gagauzia, in particular, and in Republic of Moldova, in general,” said Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

The pilot project will focus on facilitating a smooth and efficient education process through the implementation of the e-learning approach in ATU Gagauzia by ensuring the presence of the basic (hard and soft) ICT infrastructure and connectivity and enhancing the learning content and teaching methodology.

“During the pandemic, which poses threats to humanity, we joined our efforts to ensure a qualitative educational process. Thanks to this project teachers, boys and girls, as well as their parents, will get through this complicated Pandemic period smoother. In the long run, the knowledge obtained by teachers will elevate the education system in ATU Gagauzia to a new qualitative level,” said Irina Vlah, Bashkan of UTA Gagauzia.

UNDP will support schools in the pilot region to become more resilient and ensure business continuity in crisis situations, so to continue providing quality education both in-class and/or online.

With UNDP support, a distance learning system and digital platform for education process management,, was developed for pupils in Moldova (grades 1-12. offers solutions to several important distance learning education challenges: online management of classes and lessons, with data privacy protected, lessons’ schedules and homework, teacher feedback and progress evaluation, attendance and regular automated reporting all in one place. The platform is a solution for digital governance in education, which can be extended to a smart platform in education. 47 schools and 16,600 users from ATU Gagauzia are connected to the platform, as of 26 November 2020.

The UN Development System in Moldova and development partners have been actively supporting the national response to the pandemic through the coordinated activities aiming to protect people, increase capacities of all the systems and reduce the economic and social shocks.  

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