The hedgehog Arci, a character already well known among children, who explains to them voting procedures in a friendly and easy-to-understand language, “returns” to depict anti-COVID-19 measures, and how to request a mobile ballot box.

The “Arci's journey to elections” campaign was launched on International Democracy Day with a puppet theatre show by the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCCET), with the support of UNDP and USAID, as part of the "Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections” project.

The third edition of the electoral comics “Arci fights against COVID-19” contains three stories easy to read, easy to understand about voting safety, how to wear correctly a protective mask and how to vote with the help of a mobile ballot box.

In October, 12,700 copies of this edition of the electoral comics will reach almost 100 schools in over 50 communities throughout Moldova. The publication is accessible in Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz and Romani.

In addition to electoral comics, school libraries will also receive:

“We strongly believe that democracy can be learned! This can be done at any age, but from our perspective, it is important to start at an early age. In this sense, the hedgehog Arci comes to help, and the children like it because it is intelligent and creative. During the pandemic, it challenges the children to the first electoral table game ‘Arci calls you to play” and, of course, to find out how to vote during the pandemic," says Doina Bordeianu, CCET director.

Eva Bounegru, project manager at UNDP Moldova, is confident that “civic education and voter information is not only about those who already have the right to vote, but also about those who are going to vote. Thus, UNDP, together with the project’s partner, USAID Moldova, supports early electoral education. However, we know that together with the children, also the parents will read the electoral comics. It is important that every citizen will vote responsibly and safely.”

UNDP Moldova and its partners have been supporting the enhancing of electoral processes in Moldova for more than 10 years. More information about the project activities can be found on


During the campaign, CCET volunteers will not enter inside schools, but will distribute materials from outside, observing restrictions during the pandemic.

Arci's Journey to Elections
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