METRO Cash & Carry Moldova, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), continues its sustainable initiatives by installing two more electric car charging stations in the parking lots of its store in Botanica and in the city of Balti. Thus, METRO offers to its customers the opportunity to charge their electric cars in all its stores in Moldova.

"This measure is a continuation of the initiatives launched in the previous year on the development of alternative energy infrastructure for the Moldovan community. It also supports our company's overall strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. Sustainability is one of the components of our corporate culture, and through this initiative we aim for the actions we take today to benefit future generations," mentioned Serghei Martinov, General Manager of METRO Cash & Carry Moldova.

The stations, offered by the company Ecofactor Charge, are available for recharging cars for customers and all visitors, during the stores’ schedule. Users can benefit from a free hour per day for recharging. The stations have two chargers and can serve two cars simultaneously, at a capacity of 22kw each.

Now, the cost of charging is covered by METRO, to motivate customers and partners to invest in alternative solutions that do not pollute the environment, therefore to invest in a green future of the country and in the long run in a less harmful environment. Starting with January 2021, recharging will be done for a fee.

“I would like to take this opportunity and extend our deep appreciation and sincere thanks to our strategic partner Metro Cash & Carry for joining forces and resources with UNDP to advance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Now employees and customers of all METRO stores have full electric or plug-in vehicles can charge their cars for free while working or shopping. This is an important step in encouraging the use of low emission vehicles,” noted Dima Al-Khatib, UNDP Resident Representative for the Republic of Moldova.

In 2019, Metro installed the first charging station for electric cars, within the same partnership with UNDP Moldova.

With the development of infrastructure for electric cars, their number began to increase rapidly in Moldova, only in nine months of 2019 being imported over 200 electric cars, and their number exceeding 350.

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