Electoral Art Lab VotART designated its winners. On the International Democracy Day, the VotART jury chose not three, but five best posters created by young artists. All the works were innovative, with compelling messages and were crafted by using different techniques: paintings on canvas, drawings on paper and graphic illustration.

The jury decided that the 1st place would be awarded to Irina Onicova and Andreea Bolea, individual participants with experience in graphic illustration.

“For me the vote is always associated with the vocalization of what you feel. My poster addresses those who are usually quite vocal, express their opinion, but in the end, on voting day, they are also the ones who discourage the people from voting. My message for them is to come to vote and to understand that this matters more than the kitchen debates,” said Irina Onicova.

Andreea Bolea shared the process of creating a poster: “I started from the famous phrase “All roads lead to Rome” and adapted it to the VotART context, thus the statement “On October 20, all roads lead to voting” came out. And I illustrated this slogan in my poster; I drew roads that, in the final picture, even generated the word vote. And all of these, in a friendly community”.

The 2nd place was awarded to the team consisting of Vlada Popa and Dan Nicorici, while Aliona Placintă and Aliona Ciobanu got the 3rd place.

The Chairperson of the CEC, Dr. Dorin Cimil congratulated the VotART participants. “We saw during these days that art can be applied in any field, even in the electoral area. All the participants’ works impressed me because all of them have different messages and techniques. The Central Electoral Commission thanks the young artists for their involvement, and may the posters created by them produce the impact we expect: at the next elections, may citizens, especially the younger ones, go out and express their right to vote freely and consciously.”

The winners got the following prizes:

  • Prize I and II – Smart watches
  • Prize III – Wireless headphones

The other participants got consolation prizes.

The most inspirational posters will reach the polling stations in the localities of the Republic of Moldova, during the October 2019 elections. Also, more posters will be part of a public exhibition organized in Stefan cel Mare Park and at the MallDova Shopping Centre.

The Electoral Art Lab VotART is an event organised by the Central Electoral Commission and UNDP Moldova within the framework of the ”Enhancing Democracy in Moldova through Inclusive and Transparent Elections” Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), British Embassy in Chisinau through the Good Governance Fund and Embassy of the Netherlands through Matra Programme.

Media contact: tel. 068176611, Eva Bounegru, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova

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