35 localities and 35 territorial employment offices are supported by UNDP Moldova and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in launching a new local economic development model, as well as in establishing comprehensive employment and reintegration support services for returning migrants.  

These are the expected results of the UNDP Migration and Local Development Project, second phase  Hence, 25 out of 35 communities selected on a competitive basis, shall benefit of USD 60 thousand financial support each (50% co-financing), for economic development projects for the community.

UNDP will continue to work with Hometown Associations (HTAs) in partnership with the Congress of Local Authorities from Moldova to further support migrants willing to contribute to local development. Two grant programs ("Accelerator" and "Incubator") will be launched on a yearly basis. These programs will offer the HTAs the possibility to obtain funding for local projects based on the 1 + 1 formula, with grants amounting to USD 1,000 - 10,000 (the amount of the grant will be equivalent to the contribution of the natives).

“Migration is a big challenge for Eastern European countries, including for the Republic of Moldova. We are glad that due to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation interventions, in the first phase of this project, a unique model of migrants’ involvement in local development was successfully developed. We hope that in the next four years increased emphasis shall be put on local economic development and we shall witness a better reintegration of returning migrants,” stated Caroline Tissot, Director of Swiss Cooperation Office in the Republic of Moldova.

During the first phase of the UNDP Migration and Local Development Project (2015-2018), over 10,000 Moldovans living temporarily or permanently abroad were successfully involved in local development. They invested over USD 166 thousand in 55 local infrastructure and social-economic projects from 38 communities, where Hometown Associations were established.

“This project answers the needs and challenges faced by Moldovans, no matter where they live now. We will strive to link Diaspora with the local economic development, hence creating local investment and income-generating opportunities,” noted Dima Al-Khatib, Resident Representative of UNDP to the Republic of Moldova.

In cooperation with the IOM UN Agency for Migration, national authorities will be advised in their efforts to adjust national policies and legal framework to ensure efficient labour migration management. The National Employment Agency shall reconfigure its services dedicated to Moldovan migrants, at each stage of the migration process.

“While during the previous phase, with UNDP and the Government of Switzerland support we have developed the 2017-2021 National Employment Strategy, then during this phase, we shall focus our attention on improving national policies for temporary, circular and legal migration of Moldovan migrants. Also, Chisinau Employment Office shall become the first model-office which will be upgraded to provide better employment services,” said Anastasia Oceretnii, State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection.

As of 2015, local public authorities have learnt to partner with migrants to boost local development. By 2018, this model of collaboration has been adopted by more than 100 towns and villages across the country (15% of the total number of localities in the country).

“We are extremely happy that we were selected to participate in the second phase of the project. We would like to launch a cluster of vegetable producers to be more competitive and to offer the opportunity to more local residents to begin their own business in this field. Only by earning a decent income, we can ensure better living conditions for residents and natives of the locality,” said Feodosia Bunescu, Mayor of Bahrinesti, Floresti district.

The second phase of the UNDP Migration and Local Development Project, with a total budget of USD 6.4 million, shall be implemented during 2019 – 2022.

For further information, please contact: Tatiana Solonari, Communications Specialist, UNDP Migration and Local Development Project, tatiana.solonari@undp.org, phone: 0693 77 215, 022-820-840

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