Legally registered agricultural producers, farmer associations or representative of the business sector from the rural localities of Cantemir, Criuleni, Hincesti, Leova and Ungheni districts can benefit from non-reimbursable financial support and technical assistance to establishment of precipitation water accumulation basins.

These grants, in amount of up to 30,000 USD each, are provided as part of the “Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction” Project financed by the Austrian Development Agency and implemented by UNDP.

Applicants should be operators of agricultural land located besides the site envisaged for the construction of the basin, to ensure optimum conditions for precipitation water collection. Applicants must cover a contribution amounting or equivalent to 20% of the investment. The land plots to be irrigated using the water from the water accumulation basins must also have a high soil quality indicator. Other criteria and instructions for application, as well as the application form for the expression of interest are available here.

Starting this week, the project team will organize and conduct meetings with district councils in project implementation districts to inform potential beneficiaries on project scopes, the conditions for the grant application and expectations towards potential applicants.  The timetable of the information sessions shall be published on UNDP Facebook page.

The “Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction” Project aims to increasing the resilience and adaptative capacity of rural communities to climate change and disasters by improving the water storage infrastructure and rehabilitating local firefighting stations.

Thus, during 2019 – 2022, 15 precipitation water collection and storage basins will be established in 5 project implementation districts. Also, five local firefighting stations will be renovated in pre-selected communities and provided with the necessary firefighting equipment. The priorities for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management will be included into local development plans of the 5 localities in a participatory and gender-sensitive manner. Decision-makers and local population capacities on climate change and disaster risk reduction, prevention and response measures will be strengthened.

Contact person: Natalia Costas, Communication and Public Relations Consultant. Tel.: 0 69 22 11 41; e-mail:

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