On 16 April 2019, Straseni municipality broadcast live for the first time the meeting of the local council using cutting-edge online transmission equipment, as part of its efforts in a building a corruption free and transparent local government.

The live broadcast of meetings of public interest is one key element of piloting of the UNDP “island of integrity” approach by Straseni. This methodology, created by Ana Vasilache and Ronald MacLean Abaroa, replicated Abaroa’s successful anti-corruption campaign as Mayor of La Paz, Bolivia. It is a practical tool for public leaders and managers to identify and change public policies and organizational systems prone to corruption through a strategic and participatory process.

“The full equipping of the municipality conference room with quality audio and video equipment will ensure municipality’s overall activity will become more transparent and will allow for a better participatory process. Altogether this will lead to a higher level of municipality staff and management integrity, a free-corrupt environment and finally a higher level of trust of the local population towards the local government,” noted Valentina Casian, mayor of Straseni, who is at its second mandate.

These improvements made in the municipality conference room will benefit 21,954 persons residing in Straseni, as well as over 2,000 native migrants, who will be able to follow and engage in all local decision-making process via consultations, proposals and solutions, hence be part of the life of their community.

The action was possible through a 10,000 USD grant provided to the municipality by the Government of Romania.

Straseni started piloting “island of integrity” methodology in 2017. A strategic plan, that is focused on changing corrupt organizational systems was adopted. The document was developed in a participatory manner and involved managers and staff, leaders and outside stakeholders, in analyzing the vulnerability to corruption and in elaborating the solutions.

So far, the municipality managed to:

  • Remove bureaucratic barriers within the city hall;
  • Conduct small value procurement through the new national electronic system E-procurement;
  • Conduct a raising awareness campaign to promote the newly-development Urbanistic Plan and to encourage reporting of illegal or unauthorized constructions;
  • Initiate the modernization of the municipal service enterprise, which was identified by the citizens as one of the most vulnerable for corruption actions area.

The anti-corruption methodology “island of integrity” has already been applied in more than 10 Southeastern European countries and 20 local governments and gained international recognition through an UN Public Service Award.

For additional information, please contact: Oxana Maciuca, Project Manager, UNDP Moldova, tel: 022-820-840.

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