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The United Nations Development Programme becomes the strategic partner of the TwentyTu project by signing a grant contract in the amount of USD 60,000 to create an online learning platform for pupils and teachers.

Once this agreement was signed, the total amount collected for TwentyTu exceeded Euro 100,000, funds that will allow for the development of 11 courses for pupils and 3 courses for teachers and their integration on an online platform.

“TwentyTu is one of the most ambitious initiatives in the field of education. It is a new approach, because we try to attract funds and ideas directly from citizens and companies to develop an innovative curriculum centred on skills of the future. We have to test new models of unlocking funds for education development, including the performance contract model,” said Dumitru Vasilescu, UNDP Moldova Policy Specialist.

“It is an honour for us to have the UNDP as donor of TwentyTu, after it sat besides us in consultations and provided us with support from the very beginning of the project. UNDP is a good friend of the future of education in the Republic of Moldova,” declared Ana Chirita, Executive Director of the Moldovan Association of ICT Companies.

Until now, about 179 donors – citizens of the Republic of Moldova, including from the Diaspora and almost 20 companies and UNDP have contributed with over Euro 100,000. The donations can be still made on

While donation collection continues, the project team works on programme design and tools necessary to train the pupils and teachers.  

About TwentyTu

TwentyTu plans to bring modern training about the future into all schools and homes of Moldova via a single online learning platform. The subjects that are to be taught are distractive mathematics, physics, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, emotional intelligence and many others.  

Training sessions will be available both online and offline, in the most regional centres of the country. All pupils who have a computer and Internet access may become TwentyTu beneficiaries.  Moreover, there is ongoing cooperation with authorities to integrate TwentyTu in the basic school curriculum so that pupils can receive bonuses for their midterm grades if they follow one or more TwentyTu courses.

The initiative was launched by the “Tekwill” ICT Excellence Centre recognised for its huge educational initiatives.

Contact person: Dumitru Vasilescu, Policy Specialist, UNDP Moldova, tel.: (373 60) 056556,

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