Solar trees generating photovoltaic electricity will be installed in Chisinau in 2019. Chisinau’s inhabitants will be able to charge up for free their mobile devices, have access to the Internet and relax against the trunk of these trees. In the evenings, the trees will light up the surroundings due to the stored sun energy during the day. The initiative belongs to the United Nations Development Programme and will be implemented in partnership with the Chisinau City Hall.

The installation of solar trees is a regional project of the United Nations Development Programme which includes the capitals of Serbia, Tajikistan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. The first solar trees will be installed in Chisinau with UNDP’s financial support.

The people of Chisinau attended a public consultation on the installation of solar trees on Friday, November 17th. The people have come up with proposals for locations, names, as well as design and layout ideas for solar technology spaces. “Solar trees are a technology that will benefit the Chisinau’s inhabitants. Therefore, it is important to carry out this initiative together with them so that we can finally create a product that meets the needs and wishes of the capital’s inhabitants,” says Dumitru Vasilescu, Policy Specialist at UNDP Moldova.

The locations proposed by citizens are to be examined according to these criteria:

  • An open space with a surface area of at least 200 square meters. The solar installation must be located on a solid surface and requires an installation perimeter of at least 4 square meters.
  • A public place accessible and close to a large flow of people benefiting from the opportunities offered by the solar installation.
  • A sunny area with access to sunlight throughout the day. It is recommended that the proposed area is placed far away from tall buildings that may restrict access to light.

“It is important to consult with people when taking such decisions. The idea to install these solar trees is a great one and I am happy that our opinion regarding the selection of their location is considered,” notes Sergiu Bejenari, participant at the public consultations event.

The design of the solar tree has the potential to become a model of ecological technology. The vertical and cascade placement of photovoltaic leaves reduces the area of land needed to install photovoltaic panels in their classical form.

The intelligent tree will be equipped with USB terminals and sockets for free charging of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and electric bicycles. During the night, it will light up the surroundings. Solar trees can generate 800 kWh of electricity per day from renewable sources. The technology will provide an annual reduction of more than 700 kg of CO2.

The initiative is implemented by the innovatory laboratories of the United Nations Development Programme: Green City Lab, MiLab and Business Innovation Lab.

For more information please contact: Laura Bohanţova, Communications Analyst, UNDP Moldova,, Tel: +373 68511883 or Ina Prisacaru-Zglavuta, Communications Officer, UNDP Moldova,, Tel: +373 69141006

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