Chisinau got connected to nature on the World Environment Day

Jun 5, 2017

Sunset with classical music played by the pianist Marcel Lazar, workshops, entertainment, leisure, eco exhibitions and fairs in the “Valea Morilor” Park – this was how hundreds of people celebrated the World Environment Day yesterday evening, on the 4th of June, in Chisinau.

As mentioned by the organizers – the environmental and green energy projects of the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova (UNDP), together with the Republican Center "Gutta-Club" and the Association of Environment and Ecological Tourism Journalists – the topic of the current edition of the World Environment Day is “Connecting People to Nature” and this is exactly what was envisaged for Chisinau.

“The topic of this year calls upon us to spend more time in the middle of nature, to enjoy the services and goods provided by urban ecosystems, but also to take attitude towards actions leading to environment degradation, such as excessive pollution, irrational use of natural resources or unsustainable production and consumption”, said Doina Munteanu, Head of Programme at UNDP Moldova, attending the event.

Hence, informative and useful workshops were organized during the Environment Day, such as “Urban Composting”, ”Ecological AgriCulture”, ”Impact of used vegetable oil waste on environment”, ”Water Story. Questions and Answers”, “Everything about planting trees”, “Getting to know the renewables’ potential in your community”. Several social and psychological topics were also tackled, such as “Gender equality and biodiversity” or “Environment role in humans”, Bio-psycho-social health”.

During these workshops, the participants had the possibility to observe biodiversity under the microscope, learn about artistic recycling, pottery art, equipping touristic camping, making herbariums and attend the “Eco-quest” – an intellectual game of questions and answers.

The event also hosted an assorted exhibition of bio-humus, biomass-based boilers, green technologies invented by children, information stands showcasing adaptation to climate change, biodiversity of plants in the Botanical Garden, retro-bicycles, Red Book of 2016, magazines, photos, etc.

Another important moment of the day was the possibility for every participant to calculate the dose of nitrates in the well or the pond they use, to bring used batteries and equipment to the “Recycling Guard” and to find out how many trees they owe to the planet based on a personalized software for calculating carbonfoot prints. The participants also left letters in the “Promises’ Tree” with personal environmental commitments for 2017.

The entertainment during the event was also close to nature. Children and adults have drawn, walked on the rope and played on a field with paper bands. A thematic library was made available, while the guest enjoyed vinyl music, prepared by DJ Gonzo (Katana Record Shop).

The event ended with the surprise of the year – a concert of classical music at the sunset, played by the pianist Marcel Lazar. 

“We had the great pleasure of attending this event. We, the Moldo Crescendo project, besides promotion of classical music, aim to promote other values that are essential to society. I was deeply impressed of the effect of classical music, as I noticed people connected to Chopin and the wind”, noted the artist.

The World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5. The topic of this year was “Connecting People to Nature”, and the slogan of the event organized in Chisinau was “Be informed, Love and Live!”

The event was organized by the environment and green energy projects of the United Nations Development Programme in Moldova (UNDP) – Biodiversity, Adaptation to Climate Change, The Small Grants Programme of the Global Environment Facility, Energy and Biomass, ESCO – together with the Republican Center "Gutta-Club" and the Association of Environment and Ecological Tourism Journalists.

The partners of the event were: P.A. Ecovisio, Ecological Movement of Moldova, University “Ion Creanga”, P.A. Tree of Life, P.A. “Hai Moldova”, LTD Bioecoil, P.A. “Quality of environment”, Club of Cyclers, Botanical Garden, Zoology Institute, Institute of Ecology and Geography, Initiative Group “We Plant Good Acts”, P.A. Moldrec, P.A. Gender Center, Agency for Energy Efficiency, Water OM Kids.

Media partners were: the Magazine “Nature”, the Magazine “Waste Management”,, Unimedia,,, Radio Eco FM,

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