Volunteer rescuers from Ungheni will be able to cope with emergencies

Oct 13, 2016

Drawing at the competition dedicated to the International Day for Disaster Reduction, 2015

On the International Day for Disaster Reduction, the Municipality of Ungheni organized a training exercise, in partnership with the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service, attended by 37 volunteer rescuers, of which 24 women and 13 men.

”It is a very good initiative to organize such awareness activities and prepare the population to respond to emergencies. The idea to create teams of volunteer rescuers is a great one. Also today we held a demonstration event with the participation of firefighters, to teach the school-pupils how to behave in case of emergency situations”, said Valentina Gontova, Deputy Director of the high school „A. Pușkin”.

The volunteer rescuers have been selected under a Recruitment Campaign, carried out in the spring of 2016. Hence, they will learn how to recognize and evaluate disasters, how to engage citizens in disaster prevention, how to proceed in emergencies and how to provide first aid.

“The city of Ungheni, like the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova, is susceptible to hazards. Since we have a local sector strategy of the city on disaster risk reduction for 2016-2020, for us it is important to communicate with people, for them to know what they have to do to prevent some disaster risks, to reduce losses provoked by these disasters and most important, to protect lives”, emphasized Liliana Tincu, specialist in the field of investment issues at the Municipality of Ungheni.

The development of the Local Strategy on Disaster Risk Reduction, as well as the event on volunteer engagement, took place with the support of Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Project financed by the United Nations Development Programme.

The day of October 13 was designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations Organization (resolution No.  64/200 of 21 December 2009) as the International Day for Disaster Reduction.

Contact information

Liliana Tincu, specialist, the Municipality of Ungheni, tel. 069230563.

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