The best works of children promoting non-hazardous life have been awarded in Chisinau

Oct 13, 2015

On the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, on October 13, 2015, the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service organized the awarding ceremony of the best works of children participants of the national contest „Fire prevention and firefighting in children’s eyes”, carried out within the Security School.

Hence, children from the whole country who participated in this contest have been awarded prizes, and the best works have been included in a biannual calendar.  In parallel, a contest of drawings has been organized right during the awarding ceremony, aiming at raising the awareness of children about the risk of fire, its prevention and the existing protection means.

The event was organized by the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The UNDP support was provided via Disaster and Climate Risk Reduction in Moldova Project.

„The event of today offers the possibility to children to find out how emergency situations can be prevented and how to correctly respond in case these occur.  An informed child is a protected child. Children are information multipliers and will communicate it further to their peers”, said Mihail Harabagiu, Head of the Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service.

Silvia Pană-Carp, Program Coordinator at UNDP Moldova, mentioned that ”the education of the young generation in the spirit of knowledge about disasters and how these can be prevented is the key to saving human lives. Such initiatives represent an important investment in prevention actions and preparedness for such phenomena. Development cannot be sustainable if it does not consider the risks of disaster.”

On 12 October in Balti a simulation exercise took place of actions in emergency situations, with the participation of 400 school pupils.  On 14 October in Ungheni a similar exercise will take place.  These events are organized in the context of the International Day for Disaster Reduction, declared on December 21, 2009 by the General Assembly of the United Nations as the day of October 13 of each year.  This is a contribution to global culture on natural disasters’ consequences reduction. The aim of the 2015 International Day for Disaster Reduction is to enhance abilities and promote knowledge for individual protection and protection of people around.

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