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The meadow area on Camenca river, compromised by human activity, could “come back to life”

The meadow area on the Camenca river could be compromised for good if the natural flowing watercourse of the river, which crosses 14 villages in Glodeni district and the Nature Reserve “Pădurea…  

“When I found out I was HIV-positive, I thought life was over… Now I enjoy every single day”

She is Mila, a young math teacher from Tiraspol who has been living with HIV for 13 years. She accepted her status, gave birth to a daughter, graduated from university, earned good marks, and now…  

Police officers and other staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be selected more rigorously

Future employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and its subordinate structures will be selected more rigorously pursuant to assessment methodologies in line with the international…  

Maria, a survivor of domestic violence: "I do believe that education can help women. In the twenty-first century, you cannot move forward without knowledge"

After nearly 20 years of marriage wasted in beatings and humiliations, Maria*, a woman from a town in the south of the country, decided to leave her abusive husband. Now she's building a new life with…  

Today's young people, tomorrow's members of the Parliament and opinion leaders

A good turnout of the majority of first voters has remained a trend in the 2021 Parliamentary Elections.  

A business born in Tiraspol conquers the world fashion market

Having over 20 years of activity, two operating apparel and knitwear factories, the textile company “Intercentru-Lux” from Tiraspol has become since some time ago a supplier for the well-known…  

Dedicated lanes — solution for decongesting urban traffic

As long as public transport will be second preferred solution for meeting the mobility needs of residents, Chisinau will continue to face major problems in terms of traffic jams.  

Echo chambers - what are these and how they affect elections in Moldova

People who use their phones for social networks, games, and other mobile applications receive a notification each week informing how long they have been using Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram. The…  

International recognition for forensic examination of narcotic drugs

The forensic examination of narcotic drugs complies with international standards. This is the performance of the Police Forensic Center (PFC) under the General Police Inspectorate, which obtained ISO…  

UN and Sweden throw a lifeline to domestic violence survivors from Transnistrian region

In the last ten years, about 15,000 calls have been received on the trust line for survivors of domestic violence from Transnistrian region.  

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