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"I am the mother of a child with autism and I am dragged through the courts by my ex-husband after my house had burned down in a fire”

How to deal with two court cases, when you have a child with autism, who needs constant supervision, your house burned down, and your ex-husband claims not only compensation for the fire, but also a…  

Education amid pandemic: between online burnout, anxiety in real life, and transformation opportunity

In Comrat, the pressure on teachers, students, and parents is gaining ground, being relieved only by spending more time with loved ones.  

Chirsova multidisciplinary team strives to keep domestic violence under control even during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic poses many challenges to specialists responsible for preventing and combating domestic violence. From the interaction with the victims and the aggressors, to the meetings of the…  

The secret of a successful business: a prosperous business is a business of integrity

Integrity should be a priority for all those who want to be successful in business. This fact is demonstrated by five small enterprises, which were awarded this year within the category “integrity…  

ORANGE ALERT – The pandemic did not put on hold gender-based violence!

The restrictions imposed by the pandemic crisis led to a significant increase in domestic violence cases. According to the study on the impact of COVID-19 on gender equality in the Republic of…  

Urban composting: MD²

Sustainable model of organic waste management  

Bees will be healthier while honey production on both banks of Nistru will increase

The first mobile laboratory for breeding and artificial insemination of honeybee queens has been opened on the left bank of Nistru river, with financial support of European Union, within the EU’s…  

The Republic of Moldova will gradually ban a series of fluorinated greenhouse gases used in refrigeration and air conditioning installations

The Republic of Moldova will transpose the acquis communautaire in the field of F-Gases or Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), through a law that will gradually withdraw them from commercial use. These gases…  

Police bike patrolling service extends to four more districts of the country

Twenty police officers, including one woman, will perform bike patrolling of public spaces from Orhei, Anenii Noi, Edinet and Ungheni districts. Using the bicycles, the law-enforcement officers will…  

Electric travel log. Moldova Electro Marathon 2020

Interview with one of the participants of the 2020 Electro Marathon caravan, Ion Malanici from UNDP Moldova, who drove a Hyundai Ioniq.  

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