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For three years now, democracy is learned through competition and team spirit while playing the elections-related Intellectual Game “What? Where? When?”

Enthusiasm, impatience, competition, adrenaline, skills, team spirit, interest and knowledge. This is how one can describe the atmosphere during the elections-related Intellectual Game “What? Where?…  

“Dinamo” swimming pool is transforming into a modern natation center, with UNDP support

Hundreds of children and adults passionate about swimming shall benefit from better conditions at the “Dinamo” sport club of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The reconstruction works of the natation…  

Turkish historians search Istanbul archives for information about Bender Fortress, that could help for its renovation

Turkish experts have found so far almost 1700 documents that refer to the Citadel, but they have to determine how relevant are they for the conservation project. There are also many old pictures among…  

Chisinau Circus has a 3D model, created with a laser scanner

Chisinau Circus has a 3D model, which will contribute to preserving the building. The digital copy of the Circus was created with a high precision laser scanner, and will be used in the renovation…  

Kapushon: “When you bribe, you compromise the right way of things in the society. Everyone suffers because of it”

The rapper Kapushon (Marin Creţu) is the protagonist of a social campaign to promote integrity, launched by the UNDP and National Anticorruption Center.  

Integrity awareness campaign in private sector: “I did not buy success”

Business success goes hand in hand with integrity, and the bribes and illegalities should be eliminated in the relationship between the private sector and state institutions. This is the motto of…  

UN Volunteer: "People in Moldova are very straight-forward. When they smile, you know that it is genuine"

UN Volunteer Elin Langemar shares her first impressions of Moldova and her work at UNDP.  

A dentist volunteers to teach children about dental hygiene

The national campaign “Dentist – friend of children” was initiated by the dental surgeon Dumitru Sirbu. As he is connected to his home village, first meeting took place in his home community Taraclia,…  

Social campaign: Do you want to be successful? Show integrity!

On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the National Anticorruption Centre and UNDP Moldova launched a campaign to promote integrity “I did not buy for my success”.  

Time to say: “enough is enough”

Elena is a passionate social activist and knitter, amongst many others, with so much liveliness and contaminating energy that inspired UNDP Moldova’s team.  

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