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A student from Taraclia fights violence through art

Diana Karapencova, a 17-year-old student from Taraclia, has her own strategy of fighting violence.

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Unboxing crowdfunding for development in Moldova

Already used to the idea of crowdfunding campaigns, periodically attracting attention of and mobilizing people, communities across the country are wondering which platforms and ways to raise funds are…  

Youth Forum, the only platform that unites young politicians from different parties

After two days of intensive work, the 150 participants of the National Youth Forum on Elections, the Second Edition, simulated elections on Sunday, 21 July.  

We asked mayor of Straseni how they are tackling corruption

Approximately 5 percent of the world’s annual GDP is lost to corruption. This figure is estimated to be 10 times the amount of official development assistance in developing countries.  

Anticorruption volunteer: “Pupils and students may pass successfully the exams without cheating or corrupting”

Catalina Oboroc is 20 years old and studies at the “Stefan cel Mare” Academy under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, being trained to become criminal investigation officer. Although being only a…  

Campaign: Nistru is the backbone of the Republic of Moldova

Nistru is the backbone of Moldova, whose communities, economic activities, agriculture and access to the water are organically bound to keeping alive this water artery.  

The 3D-printed benches for the Mircea cel Batran alley meet the quality standards

25 concrete 3D-printed benches were installed on the Mircea cel Batran Boulevard in Chisinau, with the support of Green City Lab, the Urban Innovation Laboratory of the Chisinau City Hall and UNDP…  

Last-generation medical equipment for the Central Clinical Military Hospital

In 2018, the institution was endowed with new investigative medical equipment purchased with public funds through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

Bond for rural Moldova move people forward

Pots and jugs from black clay, pies and cabbage rolls, age-old forests, lakes in the woods, and ... enthusiastic people - these are the treasures hidden in several localities in the center of Moldova.…  

Easter – a good start to grow home

Aunty Anuţa is the one that receives every time visitors or tourists who come to the village of Selemet, Cimişlia district. She shows them the towels and handmade carpets, serves them with sweet-sour…  

“Daddy beats Mommy... I'm scared!” Teachers from Gagauzia region trained in response to domestic violence

For the first time, dozens of teachers from Gagauz-Yeri region of Moldova have been trained how to react when they spot incidents of violence in the families of children enrolled at the respective…  

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