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Highest level of political commitment needed to fight COVID-19

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has shocked the world with the agility and speed of its spread.

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#StayAtHome, but #SaveElectricity — behavioral experimentation continues in the era of COVID-19

Insights on the 2019 and 2020 behavioral experiments aimed at reducing energy consumption in Moldovan households.  

Diaspora “returned” home for a week, despite of the pandemic

Festivals with food and music, organized in centre of the village, cooking master classes, weaving sewing bees, hometown associations’ meetings, launching of projects under the applause of people of…  

Crowdfunding gives new purpose to remittances in Moldova

Even though, on one hand Moldovan households seemed to prosper, including due to money transferred from abroad, on the other hand there was still no supply of drinking water and no access to sewerage…  

Children and young people learn about free and fair elections, accessible to all, through games, simulation and competitions

How do we make civic education interesting, understandable and how do we teach children and young people about electoral processes?  

Sweden and UNDP support small and medium enterprises to overcome the crisis generated by COVID-19

The pandemic has seriously affected micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), and with them thousands of families from Moldova, who have lost their jobs and livelihoods. MSMEs represent over 95% of…  

The hidden heroes behind UNDP Moldova’s medical procurement during COVID times

At UNDP Moldova, the team that has most interaction with the COVID-19 realities is the Operations team. Although it was clear that their jobs and lives will mutate significantly during this period, we…  

Gender equality in elections, a topline headline (especially) during pandemic

The last five months were emotionally strained, every single person struggling one’s own way through physical distancing imposed by the pandemic. No one seemed to be ready for such a turning and for…  

What is the impact of COVID-19 on remittances in Republic of Moldova?

The impact of COVID-19 on cash flows in the Republic of Moldova and access to remittances were subjects of discussion during the meeting of the working group for the analysis of the socio-economic…  

UNDP Moldova SDG Accelerator navigates pandemic

International business expert Tom Ruddy shares insights of his work, as part of the Sweden-funded SDG Accelerator Program, run by UNDP Moldova.  

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