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Temporary Basic Income to protect the world's poorest people could slow the surge in COVID-19 cases, says UNDP

The immediate introduction of a Temporary Basic Income for the world’s poorest people could slow the current surge in COVID-19 cases by enabling…

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What would make the future voters get out the vote? Or how they would understand why their vote also matters

More than half of the 18–25-year people officially registered as voters participated in the 2020 presidential elections  

Braille used in Moldova to offer equal access to electoral information

UNDP Moldova has initiated and conducted with its partners various projects to make information accessible, especially electoral information, including by using Braille system.  

"I am the mother of a child with autism and I am dragged through the courts by my ex-husband after my house had burned down in a fire”

How to deal with two court cases, when you have a child with autism, who needs constant supervision, your house burned down, and your ex-husband claims not only compensation for the fire, but also a…  

Sweden and UNDP provide grants up to US$50,000 to support agricultural producers and processors from both banks of Nistru river

Sweden and UNDP, within AdTrade project, launch a grants’ contest for agricultural producers and processors from both banks of Nistru river, who are willing to join their efforts to adopt innovative…  

“Grigore Vieru” park from Cahul municipality is renovated with European Union’s support

The central park from Cahul city is renovated with the assistance provided by the European Union. The reconstruction works of the “Grigore Vieru” park, with a total area of six hectares, started in…  

Austria and UNDP encourage people to install smoke detectors to save lives

UNDP and Austria support the 2020-2021 “Safe house - saves lives” campaign of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (GIES). The campaign aims to encourage people to install smoke detectors…  

Education amid pandemic: between online burnout, anxiety in real life, and transformation opportunity

In Comrat, the pressure on teachers, students, and parents is gaining ground, being relieved only by spending more time with loved ones.  

UN launches e-learning tool for people to learn about climate policy

UNDP launched Mission 1.5 In Action, an e-learning tool for citizens to learn what governments can do to address climate change.  

Moldova's experience of involving diaspora in development of hometowns presented globally

Diaspora involvement in the socio-economic development of villages and towns in the Republic of Moldova drew the attention of several countries interested in adopting this model, developed and…  

The Republic of Moldova strengthens climate change mitigation and adaptation capacities with the support of the European Union and UNDP

The Republic of Moldova will have a more robust climate change monitoring, verification and reporting system (MRV) and a law that will gradually abolish the use of so-called F-gases. The drafts of the…  

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