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Engaging diasporas in local development: An operational guide based on the experience of Moldova

Dec 18, 2020

This guide explains UNDP’s role in, and commitment to, supporting states to leverage diaspora investments in local development, building on the example of Moldova, which between 2015 and 2018 implemented the Migration and Local Development Project (MiDL), funded by the Government of Switzerland. This project was designed to support local governments in Moldova to develop and implement policies, methodologies and procedures related to emigration, and to link them to local development processes.

The guide focuses on providing practical insights and adaptable approaches in the field of diaspora, migration and local development, for use in other countries. It highlights the importance of building broad partnerships with national and local governments, United Nations agencies, the private sector, civil society (non-governmental/ community-based organizations, including those run by diaspora or migrant populations) and other stakeholders, for efficient and sustainable planning and operationalization of Diaspora, Migration and Development approaches, with focus on local level. UNDP Moldova’s approach to making emigration work for local development consists of five pillars:

  1. Mainstreaming emigration at the institutional level;
  2. Mainstreaming emigration in local policymaking;
  3. Shaping diaspora involvement through the establishment of “hometown associations”;
  4. Supporting meaningful diaspora interventions through joint local projects;
  5. Scaling up and ensuring sustainability of the model.

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