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Assessment of implementation of integrity plans and/or risks registers by state and municipal companies

Nov 19, 2020

The activity of state-owned enterprises and of the municipality owned enterprises from the Republic of Moldova represents a domain vulnerable to corruption risks. The conflicts of interest, inefficient use of public money, inappropriate management of goods owned by enterprises or founders, absent or inefficient internal control systems, lack of transparency and access to information on enterprises activity, etc. are among the problems negatively affecting the S/MOEs activity.

With the adoption and entry into force of the Law on Integrity no. 82/2017, enterprises have become responsible for implementing a series of measures to ensure institutional integrity.

The report aims to assess the implementation of the Integrity Plans and/or Risk Registers by the S/MOEs. The report embeds the results of the assessment process along with a series of recommendations to strengthen the integrity and reduce corruption within S/MOEs.

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