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A family from Causeni modernized sheep cheese-making manufacturing

A family gave up their city life with all its facilities and moved to the countryside, where they started a business in sheep-breeding.  

Putting people at the center of job search: How jobseekers in Moldova get the lead out

While in Moldova the unemployment rate is of 3%, according to official data (National Bureau of Statistics, 2018), uncertainty gains ground on the labor market. When turning 19 years old, most of…  

How a social project helps young people with disabilities to have a better life

In 2016, Keystone Moldova received the United Nations Human Rights Award for its outstanding support in developing community services for people with intellectual and psycho-social disabilities.  

The only “Made in Moldova” tractors are assembled in Tomai

The only local enterprise that assembles “Made in Moldova” tractors is located in the southern part of the country, in Tomai village, ATU Gagauzia.  

A touristic route is created in the centre of Moldova, with natives’ support

Three localities from the central part of the country, Cioresti, Dolna and Micleuseni, launched the rural touristic route “Dor de Codru” (Longing for the Forest). Beautiful places, secular Codri,…  

With European Union’s assistance, Gagauzia region could more attractive for tourists

The first tourist complex with Gagauzian specific from Republic of Moldova was launched on 6 November 2018 in Congaz village, Comrat district. Besides four traditional peasants’ houses with walls made…  

With EU support, for the first time ever – a classic music concert at a sheep yard

- The music of Bach and Mozart was played yesterday evening at the Sabia’s family sheep yard from Corten village, Taraclia district. The concert was performed by the Moldova’s National Youth…  

With EU support, a family from ATU Gagauzia produces honey-and-nuts

A couple from southern of Moldova has spent a life working abroad but decided to return home. To earn their living, the Civirjic family started a bee farm, and the European Union’s support enabled…  

Making the most of emigration

When I first arrived in Moldova, I was surprised to learn that a quarter of its population lives abroad either temporarily or permanently.  

Closing the gap between schools and industry needs in Moldova

TwentyTu, a pioneering educational programme, will deliver online and offline courses in more than 10 fields identified as crucial for future economic growth and jobs creation, including robotics,…  

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