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Can behaviour insights help tackle one of the world's top killers? Improving Tuberculosis Care in Moldova

In 1943, Waksman and Schatz discovered the first effective antibiotic against tuberculosis (TB). This discovery led to medication that could cure TB in humans, for which Waksman received a Nobel Prize…  

Last-generation medical equipment for the Central Clinical Military Hospital

In 2018, the institution was endowed with new investigative medical equipment purchased with public funds through the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).  

Fight for dignity when in pain

“Losing someone you love is traumatic. But when someone you love dies in pain, something dies in you.”  

Video observation transforms the treatment of tuberculosis in Moldova

It has been more than half a year since Maria* treated herself for tuberculosis and since she came back to work at the Chisinau high school where she is a teacher.  

UNDP, Moldovan government boost access to life-saving medicines for vulnerable groups

More vulnerable persons benefit from life-saving medicines of high quality free of charge, as a result of an agreement signed in January 2017, under which the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social…  

UNDP ChisiNO WASTE Autumn School currently enrolls participants

UNDP Moldova and Atelier 99 invite students or graduates of ICT Product Design, Decorative Arts or Industrial Engineering faculties to participate at the Autumn School "ChishiNO WASTE" during 23 - 27…  

Public and Private Sector Partnership Means 350,000 School children Get Fresh Fruit

Could this be the way forward? We worked with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Moldova and the UNDP AltFinLab to come up with an innovative way to ensure school children in Moldova have…  

EU bridge: Children from both banks of Nistru river excel at the Chisinau International Marathon

Over one hundred children and sport veterans from the right and left bank of the Nistru River participated for their first time at the International Marathon in Chisinau. They practice sports in…  

Time to say goodbye to the drug crisis in Moldova

I have seen many healthy people become a candle in the wind at the blink of an eye. Such is the story of many people living with HIV in Moldova – any opportunistic infection can be fatal to them.  

Life-saving medicines to reach 3,800 people living with HIV/AIDS

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) delivered its first batch of medicines under a new project designed to make sure the most vulnerable people get their treatments on time.  

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