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"I am the mother of a child with autism and I am dragged through the courts by my ex-husband after my house had burned down in a fire”

How to deal with two court cases, when you have a child with autism, who needs constant supervision, your house burned down, and your ex-husband claims not only compensation for the fire, but also a…  

Two police stations in Cahul and Falesti to become more friendly and accessible, with the UNDP and U.S. support

The police station no. 1 in Cahul municipality and no. 4 in Egorovca village, Falesti district, will become more accessible and more open to the community. The two entities will benefit from renovated…  

Republic of Moldova Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Survey 2012 - 2016

The purpose of this general survey process was threefold: to identify trends in the distribution of SALW, particularly in relation to the type, quantity, possession, distribution, legal/illegal trade,…  

“Police bike patrolling brings us closer to people and lets our city breathe”

On bicycles, police officers are closer to the community.  

Judicial expertise from Moldova, accredited by ISO

Moldovan judicial experts “read” the crime scene evidence and contribute to the delivery of justice.  

Singerei police station became more accessible and friendly

Police station nr.1 from Singerei became more accessible and open to the community, being redesigned according to the community policing principles and best practices. The works were funded by the…  

With renovated premises, the National Institute of Justice pursues new approaches to judicial training of future judges and prosecutors

On 15 October 2018 the National Institute of Justice of Moldova (NIJ) inaugurated its renovated premises. So, the institution became more accessible for persons with disabilities. At the same time,…  

Bikes bring us closer to men and women from our communities

Twenty patrol police officers from Cahul and Balti, from which four are women, have learned how to perform efficiently the patrolling functions using a bicycle.  

Competences of the Forensic and Judicial Expertise Centre of GPI are recognized at international level

Today, 22 March 2018, the Forensic and Judicial Expertise Centre of the General Police Inspectorate (GPI) has been accredited by the National Centre for Accreditation “MOLDAC” in line with the…  

Fast and secure exchange of data among police officers by using TETRA radio stations

The U.S. Embassy together with UNDP Moldova have donated to the Police of the Republic of Moldova 56 TETRA radio stations (52 portable stations and 4 mobile stations).  

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