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98% of voters are convinced that it is important to participate in elections

According to the survey conducted after the 2020 presidential elections, most voters (98%) are convinced that it is important that every citizen participates in elections. However, only 69% of…  

2020 Presidential Elections. Post-electoral opinion survey

The post-electoral opinion survey presents the most important facts and results about 2020 presidential elections. The main purpose of the survey was to measure the impact of civic education campaigns…  

School of participatory democracy

At the age of just 7, Gloria Botnari knows what steps voters should follow at a polling station and, in particular, what precautionary measures they need to take to protect themselves from COVID-19,…  

Women in elections are more active as voters and in electoral management bodies

More women vote and are in leadership positions of the electoral bodies. This is the main conclusion of the gender analysis of the 2020 presidential elections, conducted by the Central Electoral…  

Gender profile of the 2020 Presidential Elections

The infographics are produced by the Central Electoral Commission of Moldova, with the support of “Enhancing democracy in Moldova through inclusive and transparent elections” Project, implemented by…  

Comics character Arci starts a new journey to explain to children what barrier-free elections are

Hedgehog Arci, a well-known character amongst children, who explains the voting procedures in a friendly and easy-to-understand language, starts a new journey to depict what does barrier-free…  

Electoral comics with the hedgehog Arci (4 editions)

Electoral comics were created for children to get acquainted with electoral processes through images and interesting stories. These are a novelty not only for the Republic of Moldova, but also for the…  

What would make the future voters get out the vote? Or how they would understand why their vote also matters

More than half of the 18–25-year people officially registered as voters participated in the 2020 presidential elections  

Braille used in Moldova to offer equal access to electoral information

UNDP Moldova has initiated and conducted with its partners various projects to make information accessible, especially electoral information, including by using Braille system.  

For the 2020 presidential elections, voters from diaspora, the left bank of the Nistru river and Chisinau will use scanners to identify themselves

240 scanners will be used at the 2020 presidential elections on 1 November 2020, to facilitate the procedure for registering voters in the State Automated Information System "Elections".  

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