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Kapushon: “When you bribe, you compromise the right way of things in the society. Everyone suffers because of it”

The rapper Kapushon (Marin Creţu) is the protagonist of a social campaign to promote integrity, launched by the UNDP and National Anticorruption Center.  

Integrity awareness campaign in private sector: “I did not buy success”

Business success goes hand in hand with integrity, and the bribes and illegalities should be eliminated in the relationship between the private sector and state institutions. This is the motto of…  

Social campaign: Do you want to be successful? Show integrity!

On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the National Anticorruption Centre and UNDP Moldova launched a campaign to promote integrity “I did not buy for my success”.  

LEGATHON: Hack Corruption. Law to the People selected its winners: the best ideas will help to flag up corruption-generating laws

The National Anticorruption Center (NAC) will have soon a platform which will allow to flag up corruption-generating laws. Several proposals for this platform’s interface were developed by the…  

LEGATHON: Hack Corruption. Law to the People: 30 young persons will create a tool to help reporting corruption-generating laws

30 young men and women, participants of “LEGATHON: Hack Corruption. Law to the People”, will develop an interface of an application to flag up laws which generate or may generate corruption cases. The…  

An anticorruption lesson by rapper Kapushon for school students

The rapper Kapushon, accompanied by young anticorruption volunteers and staff of the National Anticorruption Center, will conduct an information campaign during November – December 2019 in several…  

Registration for “LEGATHON Hack Corruption: Law to the People” has been launched – an event for young people passionate about IT

All the young people passionate about IT are invited to register for an innovative event – “LEGATHON: Hack Corruption. Law to the People”, which will take place on 8-10 November in Chisinau. The…  

Flash-mob: youth advocate for a corruption-free educational system

The education system should grow a corruption-free generation, while pupils, students and parents should give up for good the informal payments, bribery and favouritism.  

Civil society will monitor action plans of the National Integrity and Anticorruption Strategy, with UNDP support

Civil society representatives will monitor how the authorities from nine local districts and the Gagauz Autonomy implement the action plans adopted under the National Integrity and Anticorruption…  

Young ambassadors of integrity from the Republic of Moldova and Romania attended an anticorruption school

30 anticorruption volunteers from Moldova and Romania chose to spend their vacation at the summer school “Youth against corruption”, organized on July 21-28, in the town of Vadul lui Voda.  

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