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What would make the future voters get out the vote? Or how they would understand why their vote also matters

More than half of the 18–25-year people officially registered as voters participated in the 2020 presidential elections  

Braille used in Moldova to offer equal access to electoral information

UNDP Moldova has initiated and conducted with its partners various projects to make information accessible, especially electoral information, including by using Braille system.  

"I am the mother of a child with autism and I am dragged through the courts by my ex-husband after my house had burned down in a fire”

How to deal with two court cases, when you have a child with autism, who needs constant supervision, your house burned down, and your ex-husband claims not only compensation for the fire, but also a…  

Analysis of status on use of potentially harmful substances and application of sustainable procurement practices in healthcare sector of the Republic of Moldova

The report describes the results of analysis of status on use of potentially harmful substances and application of sustainable procurement practices in healthcare sector in the Republic of Moldova.…  

UNDP and Slovak Republic support Moldova to enhance its public finance management

UNDP Moldova, with the financial support from the Slovak-UNDP Trust Fund, has recently launched a project on strengthening capacities and systems for effective public finance management. The project…  

Study: How anticorruption actions are implemented in the fiscal sector plan

Positive changes in fiscal sector are among main expectations of taxpayers, although the majority of actions in the Sector Anticorruption Action Plan for 2018-2020 were fulfilled fully or partially.…  

The secret of a successful business: a prosperous business is a business of integrity

Integrity should be a priority for all those who want to be successful in business. This fact is demonstrated by five small enterprises, which were awarded this year within the category “integrity…  

Human Rights Day 2020

On Human Rights Day, we are reminded how the COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the vulnerability of the least protected and most marginalized in our societies  

Study on efficiency of anticorruption expertise: Private interests still interfere in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova

Several normative acts or draft laws adopted during 2016-2018 contain provisions which promote private interests in the detriment of the public interest. At the same time, contrary to the legislation…  

Learning how to become a whistleblower using an online course developed with UNDP support

An online training course for integrity whistleblowers, available in Romanian and Russian, was launched on the official web page of the People’s Advocate Office, with the support of the United Nations…  

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