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A dentist volunteers to teach children about dental hygiene

The national campaign “Dentist – friend of children” was initiated by the dental surgeon Dumitru Sirbu. As he is connected to his home village, first meeting took place in his home community Taraclia,…  

For the first time, civil servants learn online how to involve the Diaspora in local development

For the first time in Moldova, every mayor, local councilor and municipality employee can learn online how to involve migrants in local development. This is possible due to an e-training course…  

Italians are interested in Moldovan honey

Beekeeping products presented by a group of producers from both sides of the Nistru river at the Apimell Exhibition from Italy have pleasantly surprised the visitors.  

“Dor de Codru”

A new rural tourist route has revived the local economy.  

Moldovan apples conquer new sale markets

The Moldovan apples, plums and grapes have been shipped from thousand kilometers away to reach one of the biggest international exhibitions organized at the end of October in Madrid, Spain. This…  

OWH Studio and UNDP Moldova will produce a film about migration, with a positive angle

WeDocMigration Project started with the initiative of UNDP Moldova and of its Switzerland-funded project “Migration and Local Development”, further joined by OWH Studio, and aims to promoting a fresh,…  

Companies from both banks of the Nistru river will be coached to improve their export capacities

Companies from both banks of the Nistru river are invited to participate in trainings on export development and promotion organized by the “Advanced Cross-River Capacities for Trade” Project…  

Local Diaspora Days and economic forums change the community development vector

Diaspora Days took place at local level in 50 communities of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of UNDP’s Migration and Local Development Project, funded by the Government of Switzerland.  

Pigs live in clover in Speia … enjoying European funds

When being stressed, pigs eat and do not grow in flesh. That's why at a farm established based on a grant offered by EU through UNDP music is being played for pigs, while the animals may play around…  

Call for applications for grants for the establishment of precipitation water storage basins

Legally registered agricultural producers, farmer associations or representative of the business sector from the rural localities of Cantemir, Criuleni, Hincesti, Leova and Ungheni districts can…  

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