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In the middle of COVID pandemic, a class act from Moldova

In Moldova, as in many places across the world, education was amongst the first sector hit by the COVID-19 crisis in ways no one could have imagined. As distance learning became the new normal,…  

Digital education in every school

“Tekwill in every school” is a complex program of online extracurricular courses (initially covering IT subjects exclusively), which aims to develop children’ skills to be better prepared for…  

The light at the end of the autism spectrum: “I always tell my son that he has a beautiful mind”

She found out about autism when her son, Matei, turned two years old. The knowledge about this spectrum of disorders was limited just to what she has seen in the movies: children who do not talk at…  

Studii.md platform, created with UNDP support, provides all the tools needed for distance learning

Distance learning allows students to continue the study process, taking into account that classes have been ceased due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The Studii.md platform, developed in 2019 by the…  

Mission 1.5 a game-changer

UNDP is responding to the most pressing issue we face as a species with what we hope will be the largest ever survey on climate change.  

Children from sports schools and boarding schools from both banks of Nistru took part in Christmas marathon, supported by European Union

About 100 children from sports schools and boarding schools from both banks of Nistru competed and received gifts in Christmas Marathon that took place in Chisinau on Sunday, 22 December.  

Participation of women and men in the information and communication technologies sector is unfair

Women and girls occupy only 31% of jobs in the ICT sector and only 19% of digital professions. Only 4.6% of the girls studying in higher education choose STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering and…  

For three years now, democracy is learned through competition and team spirit while playing the elections-related Intellectual Game “What? Where? When?”

Enthusiasm, impatience, competition, adrenaline, skills, team spirit, interest and knowledge. This is how one can describe the atmosphere during the elections-related Intellectual Game “What? Where?…  

Moldova loses more than 10.4% of its human development due to inequalities

Republic of Moldova ranks 107 out of 189 countries and territories as per the Human Development Index (HDI) which measures national progress in health, education and income and is annually published…  

Social campaign: Do you want to be successful? Show integrity!

On the eve of the International Anti-Corruption Day, the National Anticorruption Centre and UNDP Moldova launched a campaign to promote integrity “I did not buy for my success”.  

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