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What would make the future voters get out the vote? Or how they would understand why their vote also matters

More than half of the 18–25-year people officially registered as voters participated in the 2020 presidential elections  

Braille used in Moldova to offer equal access to electoral information

UNDP Moldova has initiated and conducted with its partners various projects to make information accessible, especially electoral information, including by using Braille system.  

Education amid pandemic: between online burnout, anxiety in real life, and transformation opportunity

In Comrat, the pressure on teachers, students, and parents is gaining ground, being relieved only by spending more time with loved ones.  

UN launches e-learning tool for people to learn about climate policy

UNDP launched Mission 1.5 In Action, an e-learning tool for citizens to learn what governments can do to address climate change.  

UNDP launches new COVID-19 Data Futures Platform

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) launched today a new COVID-19 Data Futures Platform – an open access and interactive platform that aggregates multiple sources of information across UNDP and UN…  

The secret of a successful business: a prosperous business is a business of integrity

Integrity should be a priority for all those who want to be successful in business. This fact is demonstrated by five small enterprises, which were awarded this year within the category “integrity…  

European Union supports participation of musicians from both banks of Nistru at Moldova Jazz Tur 2020

A concert half live and half online took place on 5 December 2020 in the premises of Chisinau History Museum. “Jazz’n Chișinău” band with the percussionist Oleg Lestaev from Tiraspol as a special…  

Validation of vocational knowledge in the absence of formal education — a chance for a better future

Work experience shall be certified and validated, increasing the chances to get a decent job. Therefore, the lack of formal education will no longer be a barrier to practicing the desired profession.  

The comic’s character Arci “returns” to raise awareness about safe voting

The hedgehog Arci, a character already well known among children, who explains to them voting procedures in a friendly and easy-to-understand language, “returns” to depict anti-COVID-19 measures, and…  

Children and young people learn about free and fair elections, accessible to all, through games, simulation and competitions

How do we make civic education interesting, understandable and how do we teach children and young people about electoral processes?  

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