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Organic farming and “living” experiments feel at home in Rîșcova

This is how they do organic farming in Rîșcova, Criuleni district, taking great care of the soil. This is the only way to keep it healthy and, therefore, lucrative.  

Moldova strives to make health procurement more sustainable

The current COVID-19 pandemic puts an unprecedented stress on the provision of healthcare services for the most vulnerable groups of people. In Moldova, the demand for medical care exceeds the…  

Edible cups — a tasty and environmentally friendly solution

The biggest problem with using disposable cups is that they are made to last for a single use. A lot of energy is created and eliminated only for a coffee that is drunk in less than an hour.  

Moldova has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approx. 69% compared to 1990 and has set ambitious targets for 2030

The Republic of Moldova has reduced its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 69% compared to 1990, exceeding by 4% its commitments under the Paris Agreement, included as intermediate…  

The number of e-waste collection points will increase, with the support of the UNDP and the GEF

The number of e-Waste collection points will increase from 128 to 200, thanks to the new project dedicated to e-waste management, which was launched today, 18 March 2021, on Global Recycling Day. The…  

Satellite data monitors air pollution from space during COVID-19, helps inform policymakers

As evidence mounts of the association between air pollution levels and higher COVID-19 death tolls, a joint study by UNDP and the European Space Agency (ESA) provides insight on the impact of the…  

View from space on the air we breathe in Moldova

What do you know about the air you breathe? Is the air in your city/region more polluted than the accepted standards or is it exceeding the norms? Are the data we have available enough?  

What is it like to have a restaurant in Ireland and return to the native town in Moldova six times a year?

We met Tatiana Ciubuc and Igor Aftenii on Christmas in the old style, in January 2020. Except for the view over the window, with streets and houses characteristic to Ireland, nothing betrayed the fact…  

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector in the Republic of Moldova

With “Accelerating Digital Transformation in Public Sector Project”, UNDP Moldova aims to improve access to quality of public services and business conditions through accelerated digital…  

Moldova joins Mission 1.5 – world’s biggest survey of public opinion on climate change

UNDP Moldova signed on to the global campaign to enable citizens to cast their votes on how they want the authorities to address climate change. A Romanian-language version of the Mission 1.5 mobile…  

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