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The largest market in the south of Moldova was opened in Slobozia Mare village

A cross-border market with a modern agri-food hall was opened in Slobozia Mare, Cahul district. The market is one of the biggest from the southern region of Moldova and the only one open seven days a…  

In Palanca, tourism is in the air

Located on the bank of the Nistru river and bordering with Ukraine, the village of Palanca has a population of almost two thousand inhabitants.  

In Sipoteni, eco-tourism is ever more promising

Three guest houses, a recreation area, a fruit dryer, and a dairy workshop with tasting room are set up in Sipoteni for tourists eager to explore the Moldovan forests.  

50,000 inhabitants from 27 communities from Moldova will have better living conditions by engaging diaspora

This year, 27 communities from the Republic of Moldova will engage diaspora in their initiatives of local economic development and improvement of local public services. This partnership is possible…  

Two national grant programs to support local development initiatives of hometown associations are launched

UNDP Moldova and the Government of Switzerland are launching the “Incubator” and “Accelerator 1+1” grant programs to support during 2021 community development initiatives of hometown associations in…  

What is it like to have a restaurant in Ireland and return to the native town in Moldova six times a year?

We met Tatiana Ciubuc and Igor Aftenii on Christmas in the old style, in January 2020. Except for the view over the window, with streets and houses characteristic to Ireland, nothing betrayed the fact…  

Moldova's experience of involving diaspora in development of hometowns presented globally

Diaspora involvement in the socio-economic development of villages and towns in the Republic of Moldova drew the attention of several countries interested in adopting this model, developed and…  

Missing home: life from the big screen of the documentary

A year ago, when I was about 2,000 km from home in the Abkhazia region and participating in a cultural exchange project, I found out that I had won the screenplay competition for a documentary,…  

A cross-border market is built from scratch in Slobozia Mare

For more than 30 years, every day, the market from Slobozia Mare gathers people from the Lower Prut Meadow region and even from the border communities from Romania. People buy the local products they…  

Validation of vocational knowledge in the absence of formal education — a chance for a better future

Work experience shall be certified and validated, increasing the chances to get a decent job. Therefore, the lack of formal education will no longer be a barrier to practicing the desired profession.  

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