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Endava and UNDP support the fight against novel coronavirus by providing essential medical equipment to health institutions from Chisinau

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Endava employees support the fight against the novel coronavirus by providing much-needed medical equipment to health institutions from Chisinau…  

Electricity consumption can be reduced while staying at home by using social norms, proves UNDP Moldova’s experiment

Premier Energy, in partnership with UNDP, sent 20,000 adapted letters to households that exceed the average monthly consumption of 140kWh, comparing their bills to those of their energy efficient…  

UNDP Moldova SDG Accelerator navigates pandemic

International business expert Tom Ruddy shares insights of his work, as part of the Sweden-funded SDG Accelerator Program, run by UNDP Moldova.  

The fight against COVID-19: Survival only is not an option for Moldovan MSMEs

The COVID-19 outbreak triggered both a global public health crisis and an inevitable economic recession. The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the “lungs” of national economies, have been…  

Can we reduce electricity consumption while staying at home? Social norms trigger responsible behaviour

Up to 250,000 households throughout Moldova will participate in a social experiment aiming to reducing electricity consumption that has reached unprecedented heights during COVID-19 lockdown. The…  

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